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9100, 9105, 9650, BB Slider and a QWERTY Flip phone?

blackberry_slider_1-540x3851 Over the last few days, lots of rumors have been making the rounds in the blogosphere. One of our tipsters sent in a story about RIM employees being seen with the Bold 9650 and Talladega Storm/Slider, or whatever you want to call it. Since we already known that the 9650 is already long overdue for its debut, that is not a big surprise, but if they were using a slider BB, that means we may see this device out of RIM’s door this year.  Personally, I am curious to use that device if it does have a touch screen full QWERTY and a trackpad. That would make it a nice device. The form factor I am not sold on it yet, but that could change. Again, that is just rumors. Maybe it will get out of hiding and show itself some more.

Our friends at BBleaks have been busy with some interesting BB information pertaining to the 3G peal 91xx series.

The new found information includes a new model number 9105 that supposedly is going to have a T9 keyboard instead of Suretype or full QWERTY.  With so many people switching to smartphones for faster typing, I don’t see how much of a hit this phone will be. Many people still use those devices, but it may not be a big seller with people like me, who love the full QWERTY equipped devices.

9105-1 pearl-small-keyboard

qwerty-flip One more interesting patent that BBleaks found is one for a full QWERTY flip phone. The device diagram looks more like a foldable square, and who knows how old this patent is.  This could be one of those many ideas that RIM has and may never see the light of day, but it is interesting to see so many different designs whether we love it or hate it right off the bat. We know that the 9650 should be out soon, along with the Striker or 3G Pearl, but the slider and this flip patent design, those are just rumors.

So what do you guys think? What would you like to see make it to your hands, and what do you not like?

First, let’s see that 9650 hit the stores, then I would love to see RIM put some serious work on that Webkit browser and OS 6.0, then work on different devices. The devices are great, but like many would agree, the OS needs some serious work.

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  1. With RIM moving to trackpads and that square flip phone showing a trackball, my guess is that it’s an old design that was possibly abandoned.

    • …Or a nice April Fool’s gag. 🙂

      “9105 that supposedly is going to have a T9 keyboard instead of Suretype or full QWERTY” Hello???? if that does not give it away, then duh!

  2. IMHO, RIM should come out with a full QWERTY flip phone similar to the LG Lotus/Lotus Elite.

    I also think RIM should not give up on the Pearl flip design. They just need to make it thinner and shorter. Many people still like flip phones but they don’t want a flip as big as the original 8200 series.

  3. Yesterday’s comments were probably just to set up today’s April fools joke. There’s no rule that says that April fools jokes cannot be set up the day before. Sorry, if I am wrong I apologise, but I will not believe this one until an official announcement is made After April Fools day which will, of course, cause RIM’s stock plummet if that is the case.

  4. Yeah, that Figure 8 drawing is obviously ancient. Looks more like a device from RIM’s pager days than something they would produce now.

    I say to heck with more form factors, developers have it hard enough with all the differences out now. Just get a new browser out and

    • (damn Storm disappearing keyboard…)
      anyway, as I was saying, Just get a new browser out and get it out ASAP. Don’t wait for some mythical OS 6.0 to launch, get the Webkit-based browser launched even if it means releasing it as a standalone like they’ve done with BlackBerry Messenger.

  5. As you may have read my thoughts the same am happy w the current BlackBerry but would love a better browser

  6. Please tell me the square flip is an April Fools gag. Hideous

  7. Actually, I think I would like a (not too thick) squarish FlipBerry…if it had all the niceties…3G/4G, WiFi, GPS, trackpad, nicely sized display, etc. I am definitely more into function than “pretty” phones. If it could be used with the screen tilted to any angle, I could see it working quite well sitting at the back of my desk, in the car on the console, or outdoors with a slight tilt to keep the sun off when I need to be facing a particular direction.

    I am tired of stands, holders, or propping up my Blackberry. You can see it, but you can’t punch a quickly or easily punch a couple of keys without picking it up or having it slip.

    ABOVE ALL, I would have to agree that the OS has GOT TO GET WITH THE TIMES, I love BlackBerry but we have been patient long enough while other smartphones have one-upped RIM in that department.

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