BIS 3.0 Now Live in North America

BlackBerry Internet Service InfrastructureThis has to be one of the most anticlimactic BIS upgrades. BIS 3.0 went live this weekend in North America after a very uneventful launch in EMEA two weeks ago. I know I was counting down the days until BIS 3.0 launched for one reason. 2-way Gmail Read/Unread synchronization. Sadly we learned previously that the 2-Way sync feature would be coming in “Spring 2010.”

Still there are a some minor features that you can look forward to today including Open Document support and the ability to create and delete Gmail labels from your BlackBerry. Check out the full list after the jump:

  • Coming soon: Enhancements to Google Mail integrations
    • Google Mail Account to BlackBerry smartphone synchronization of read, unread and sent email message status for new Google Mail integrations
      • Note: this feature will be added throughout the Spring 2010 by region
  • Enhancements to the Google Mail Plug-in
    • Create and delete labels from the BlackBerry smartphone
      • Note: The Google Mail Plug-in requires BlackBerry® Device Software 4.5 or later and a Google Mail integration, using Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP), within BlackBerry Internet Service.
  • Additional Language Support for Basque, Catalan, Galician, Romanian
  • Increased Attachment Compatibility
    • OpenDocument Presentations (.odp)
    • OpenDocument Spreadsheets (.ods)
    • OpenDocument Text (.odt)
    • OpenDocument Text Templates (.ott)
    • Windows Media Audio (.wma)
  • Extensible Hypertext Markup Language (xHTML) Support for non Thick Clients
    BlackBerry Internet Service 3.0 is designed to support xHTML for non Thick Clients, providing BlackBerry smartphone users with a richer user experience, allowing for buttons, additional fonts, and colour controls when subscribers access and toggle their user settings.
  • Device Switch Revalidation
    Changes to optimize the email setup and deactivation experience when the subscriber switches BlackBerry smartphones or Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) cards.

  • Hosted Email Address Passwords
    Allows BlackBerry smartphone users to re-claim the BlackBerry email address if their BlackBerry Internet Service account is ever deleted.
    Note: After BlackBerry Internet Service 3.0, only newly created BlackBerry email “Username/Password” accounts will be prompted to create a password, secret question, and secret answer. For information on how to create a BlackBerry email address, see KB04553.
  • Send Delivery Receipts
    BlackBerry Internet Service users now have the ability to configure whether to allow sending delivery receipts or not. For more information, see KB12835.
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  1. I am NOT connected to my employer’s BES or BIS; I am connected to AT&T.

    What I want to know is this: Will AT&T get this BIS upgrade? Do I have it now? How can I tell?

  2. Same here i would like to know if i have BIS 3.0.Thanks.

  3. Lots of gMail now being truncated (no ‘more’ option) which makes it useless! I hope this is temporary!

    BIS 3.0 downgrade!!

  4. Everyone running a BlackBerrry in NorthAmerica should have the BIS upgrade…

  5. Don’t know if it’s because of this, but now my bb vibrates every time there is an update to the push bookmarks, like weather and fox news. It was pretty annoying not knowing why my phone was buzzing, untill I figured it out.

  6. Love how blackberry’s own document pages don’t render in my blackberry browser..

    I hate delivery receipts – someone tell me what the defaults are?! I hope “off”..

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