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ScreenHunter_01 Mar. 26 16.25 Well this is a big surprise, VIIGO my favorite RSS reader just announced that they have joined rim.  The announcement provided little details as to what this means for the feature of the app, hopefully it means good news and that the application will be improved.

Read the full announcement below or a this link.

Viigo is excited to announce that our company is now part of Research In Motion (RIM).

Our team has joined RIM’s global organization and will continue to bring our expertise in BlackBerry® application development and real-time content delivery to the BlackBerry platform. The Viigo for BlackBerry app will also continue to be available for download through BlackBerry App World™.

I’d like to personally thank the deal teams on both sides for their hard work and dedication over the past few months in bringing this transaction to a close.

To the Viigo Team – a very special thanks to all of you for helping to build such an exciting product, and a wonderful company. We’ve arrived at this point today because of you.

Mark Ruddock
CEO Viigo


What do you guys make of this or your thoughts and suggestions to what you would like to see VIIGO integrate or take out in future releases. For myself I would like just an RSS reader since that is all I use it for but I know that others do like most of the features on it. 

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  1. Pushed RSS? o.o
    Built in PodCast downloader maybe?

  2. I use the “light” version as the full up version clobbers what little RAM I have on my Storm. I just wish they would fix the underlying memory leaks that have plagued the app since at least the 2.0 days. I had high hopes that “Project Tango” would be a core rewrite bit sadly it was not.

    Yeah, real podcast support ala Podtrapper would be awesome but not until they figure out how to use Device Memory or Media Card for data storage.

  3. I think the worst thing Viigo ever did was all that “Project Tango” crap as all it’s done is add bloat to what was once a fantastic application… I remember reading that there is a “lite” version around somewhere, but I went looking for it on Viigo’s Web site and couldn’t seem to find it, so hopefully RIM will make it a little more “available”.

    Then there’s the infamous issues with the memory and battery issues – it’d be awesome for RIM to put a priority on these, as Viigo is almost unusable due to its MASSIVE memory leaks and the way in which it smashes through one’s battery!

    Finally, I don’t know if it’ll happen, but I’d love to see two-way synchronization with Google Reader introduced… Now that I’ve recently made the switch to Google Reader, this is the main reason I don’t use Viigo anymore.

  4. I would like viigo to bring me rss updates through a efficient push protocol. Instead of the current 30min(or whatever u set duration) polling and pulling the feeds. They should have a central server with continually monitors feeds and then pushes any subscibed to content directly to my viigo app.

  5. I agree with getting rid of the bloat. Integration with the messages app would be nice, too! Since RIM has its own Twitter app, maybe they can get rid of the one in Viigo as well– I never got the hang of it. Since I’ve turned this into a wish list, how about integrating RSS with the calendar and tasks apps so I can insert calendar entries from my RSS feeds?


  6. I used to love Viigo till I met FreeRange…..hope this will be a great thing for them to produce better apps in future…all the best Viigo 🙂

    • Too bad FreeRange is no longer being developed as a separate app, after they got bought by Handmark, there are only custom versions, which are nowhere as clean as the last version of FreeRange.

  7. Yeah I should have linked it since I mentioned it. It saves you about 300k and as said is RSS only (back to it’s roots?) So it should function fine on limited memory devices like older 88xx/83xx/81xx/82xx models.

    BUT, the memory leak IS still in it. This means you will also need QuickPull or such to auto-reboot your phone or you will find yourself losing old emails and texts and other such byproducts of memory hitting 0 bytes.

    Don’t get me wrong, even with this core flaw it is still hands down the best RSS reader on BlackBerry IMHO. And with Bold 9000 and newer devices having more memory you usually catch the leak and reboot before any real damage is done. I haven’t hit 0 and started losing emails on my Storm yet (and Viigo runs 24/7 on my phone), but I lost emails practically ever day on my 8830. I would run it on my Tour that has double memory of my Storm, but reading articles is so much nicer on the Storm’s big screen I just put up with it.

  8. They should add a (optional) ticker-like function to the Home Screen, which would open articles either in Viigo or directly when clicked on…

    • Bingo — my guess is that’s why RIM bought Viigo, to incorporate their tech into home screen &/or other areas. Can’t imagine why else.

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