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FAQ: How Do You Get Wi-Fi To Connect Faster on Your BlackBerry?

WiFi Scanning BlackBerry RIM has always been known to put power saving features before functionality. This is exemplified in how they implemented Wi-Fi on BlackBerrys where it only polls for access points every minute or two. That saves some serious battery life but what if you want it to connect immediately?

Personally I have always used the trick of forcing the connection by going through Manage Connections and then selecting Wi-Fi Options. You can then highlight the saved connection you want and hit the menu button and connect. It still takes its sweet time to connect but it speeds things up.

Farukh sent in a tip on how he gets Wi-Fi to connect faster. He simply recommends:

  1. Go to manage connection
  2. Turn of Mobile network and wifi
  3. Switch on Wifi. Wait few seconds and it will connect to the wifi and the icon will turn white
  4. Turn on Mobile network

He claims that this can cut down Wi-Fi connection times down to seconds. So I thought I would ask you all. How do you get your BlackBerry to connect to Wi-Fi instantaneously? I know RIM supports the Wi-Fi standard power saving feature available on certain routers so maybe even that would help?

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  1. Well I use an app called SmartWiFi. It knows when I’m home or away. It connects/disconnects instantaneously. No need to go to options and able/disable. It also depends on what wireless (class) route your using. I’m using N route from TRENDnet. You should give it the app a go Ronen.

  2. I’ve never been able to make my BB connect to free, open hot spots. I can only use protected hot spots (with the required login/password, of course). Connecting faster is the least of my problems.

  3. Great tip. Definitely makes a difference on the 9700 with OS 545.

  4. Nice tips…thanks…but as luciano said, I also have issue connect my blackberry to open hotspot such as Starbuck…hmmmm

  5. WiFi Comrade is available at Blackberry App World for $4.99 and does the same thing Smart WiFi does. There used to be a free trial available at
    but it appears that the trail is no longer available.

  6. Well I’m having problems with my wifi on my phone. It goes in and out

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