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Slacker Radio App Updated Again to Fix Bug

Slacker FUBAR We told you earlier today that Slacker updated their application to version 3.0.458 but it turns out that even that version had some serious bugs. I ran into one bug where even though I had a registered Slacker Plus account it still said I had a Basic account. The odd part is that it still let me skip unlimited songs and do wireless synchronization… I can’t imagine that this version went thorough any testing at all if they missed such a obvious bug that annoys their paying customers.

That was when quite a few of our readers piped up and let us know Slacker has updated their application incrementally to 3.0.458. So once again I was forced to lose all my cached station content, reinstall, choose my cached stations yet again, and perform a wireless cache refresh.

Anybody else running into these issues? So far I have confirmed it with 3 other users. Still I have to give credit to Slacker for fixing the bug quickly. Still a quality control process would not hurt…

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  1. Slacker 3.0 would kill BB every time I exited.
    My Bold 9000 (runing stable 4.6.301) would grind to a halt everytime I exited out of slacker 3.0. It left me no option but to reboot each time! There was a serious bug with OS 4.6! Hope they fixed it. But during this mess, it forced me to try Pandora and I must say I am smitten with the music genome project.

  2. Yup it was saying I’m Basic even though I’m Plus thanks to winning a contest here!

    What’s worse is since it thought I was Basic it said caching is only available to Plus users and deleted all the cached offline content.

    Gonna try the new version.

    • Well, upgraded to 3.0.459 on my Storm.
      I had won a 3 month Plus subscription from BerryReview on 2/20. It’s 3/26 and it says I’m no longer Plus.

  3. Got to put that business about re-creating everything after an upgrade on some kind of wishlist. It’s just ridiculous. while I don’t jump right in on EVERY little upgrade, even when I do upgrade I’d rather it was able to remember what I have cached and just go. Almost all my other apps remember all of my settings, why cant they?

    • No kidding. It’s as annoying as Viigo having to re-download 500 or more RSS articles if you upgrade it. At LEAST with Slacker it caches to your SD card, Viigo STILL doesn’t seem to have that one figured out and still caches into main memory.

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