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SanDisk Joins Samsung With Announcement of 32GB MicroSDHC Card

Sandisk 32gb Microsdhc UPDATE: Joseph let us know that SanDisk is now selling the 32GB MicroSDHC card exclusively on their website for $199.99.

Samsung announced back in January that they would release their 32GB MicroSDHC card in February but they have yet to drop in stores from what I can tell. Now SanDisk has joined in the fun with their own announcement of a 32GB MicroSDHC card coming this month with a whopping price tag of over $200.

32GB is the max size for MicroSDHC cards and they wont be getting larger until the newer SDXC standard filters down to mobile Micro cards. I don’t know what you would need more than 32GB for but the limitation is a problem. The way MicroSD card pricing has worked is that when a larger capacity card came out the previous size had a huge price cut. That will be much harder for 32GB cards since they are the max size…

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  1. OUCH! I guess that I’ll wait for price to come down!

  2. Hard to say for sure these will drop much. Maybe down to $99 but I wouldn’t expect much lower. The combination of no larger size ever, plus a new card standard hitting, could make for a very limited market. Limited market implies low demand, thus the production ramp needed to get economy of scale to bring price down may in all likelihood might never happen. I wouldn’t mind rockin’ one, but at double what I paid for my phone I can’t see it.

    • The only thing I see differently about this is for it to have such a limited market. There are a good number of devices out there that can already support 32gb microsdhc AND people have a lot more content these days that they want to put on their devices. Mobile devices have the capabilities, all they just need the extra storage. So, I’d argue that these might do better than expected.

      For example, I have a 20 GB hard drive music player that I’ve had for 4 or 5 years now, that I filled up with music, and still have more music left over. I now also have a smart phone that I could play my music off of, consolidating my devices into one, but I just don’t have a large enough memory card to store it all on. With one of these, I could store it all.

      I bet a lot of other people will want to do the same.

      • Also, don’t forget that there will probably eventually be additional speed classes of these 32gb cards, so when the faster ones come out, the slower ones will drop in price.

  3. There is no such thing as too much storage space.

    (in reply to “I don’t know what you would need more than 32GB for”)

    • So true! Especially given the fact that your BlackBerry can double as a portable hard drive that is ALWAYS close at hand — I can a retractable USB cable in my pocket… 😉

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