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BlackBerry Tour 9630 OS Found Online

imageThe leaks continue! BlackBerry Tour 9630 users have a reason to rejoice with OS coming to them courtesy of Bla1ze @CrackBerry. This might just be the Verizon release of OS 5.0 we have been hearing about.

Download @ Hotfile

If you do not know how to upgrade your BlackBerry OS please start by reading this great step by step guide that Luis wrote up. NOTE: Don’t forget to delete the vendor.xml file located in c:program files>common files>research in motion>apploader to install it on a different carriers device.

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  1. Are there any differences in this OS from the previous leaked

  2. This build has Verizon written all over it!

    Specific VZW modules are:

    — VerizonPTT.alx;
    — MPTT.cod (required for PTT);
    — VCastMusic.alx

    I am a little confused by the presence of TeleNav, though, as that is usually an AT&T bundled product.

    (FYI, I have not installed it on my device as the “official” build is now imminent (i.e., in order to roll out PTT on 30 March, OS v5.0 must be released by VZW on or before that date!)

    • TeleNav has been supported by Verizon as an accepted GPS app on corporate liable devices since even before they allowed GPS in BlackBerry Maps on the 8830. Nearly 2 1/2 years now.

  3. Well darn…BALEETED! Mirror link anyone?

  4. I downloaded OS 5 for my Verizon BB. All of my POP emails (like GMAIL) are coming in as inactive links and text, Not the HTML pics that I had prior to the upgrade. In the options setting I have “Enable HTML email” yes and download images.. nothing happens. I have re-booted. Removed and re-added the gmail account. The verizon rep at store and on tech support dont know what is going on. Any advice is much appreciated.

  5. Resend your Service Books from the device or carrier website.

    • Tom, thank you – I resent the service books for all three accounts and re-registered the blackberry on the verizon network as well. I am not sure how to do it from the gmail website, i did it just from the BB. Any other advise? Is this problem specific to me or other users?

  6. Michael:
    If you are indeed running the OS referenced in this article, you should upgrade to the VZW official

    I have 7 email accounts on my Tour and HTML email works as expected in all, with images and links. So its definitely not the OS.

    From my BlackBerry Tour…

  7. I am not seeing this issue. There is no place on the Gmail website — you do it from the device (as you have) or the carrier/RIM (aka VZW) website ( Also, try rebooting the device now that you have resent Service Books and device registration — it is possible that the HTML formatting may only appear for NEW incoming messages. Like I said, both new and old messages are formatted correctly on my BlackBerry® Tour/9630/ (rel 1002)/Platform

  8. I have tried that… i think i will revert back to the old OS via my desktop manager and reinstall the new OS again and see if that helps.. – thank you – will advise!

  9. I reverted back to the old OS and still the same issue with the email accounts…. something else must be going on. I will re-install the new OS 5 and maybe swap out the BB for another one at verizon store..

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