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BlackBerry Messenger Leaked!

imageIt looks like the latest leak of OS for the BlackBerry Tour 9630 contained a new version of BlackBerry Messenger From what I can tell the team at CentroBB spotted it and then BBHybrids took it from there. They have extracted the desktop install and created an OTA install out of it to make things easier.

WARNING: These files are not tested and are a beta release. MAKE SURE TO BACKUP your device before trying them. These leaks are not for the faint of heart! Proceed at your own risk!

Desktop install files courtesy of BBHybridsMegaupload Mirror via BlackBerryMaster
OTA install link courtesy of MrBracht at BBHybrids
Alternative OTA install link courtesy of Nathanix via PocketBerry

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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  1. Ok I did find the send location option when you are talking to a contact

  2. SNOOZE…

    Still has the issue where sms chats in bbm cause the chats to disappear in SMS&MMS app and even more annoying is that when you hit the back button while in an SMS chat, it doesn’t go back to the BBM main screen, but it goes to SMS&MMS app. Have to back out of this too to get back to the main screen.

    RIM double-you-tee-eff!!! These glitches have been around for months (the latter more recently), why can’t you fix this? I continue not to use BBM because of this.

  3. I really have not seen anything new maybe the bbm group is more stable and Todd just told me that send location was already on .57 so I just never paid attention to it. There is an updated barcode reader.

  4. Ok!!I haven’t downloaded it yet!!Hopefully something new!!Thanks.

  5. Nathanix OTA is 2.8mb and BBHybrid OTA is 2.4mb..? Are they the same?

    Fyi that Nathanix OTA prompts to replace previous version and BBHybrid does not.

    Thanks for sharing…

    (Bold 9700)

  6. Is there any significant changes (besides the above mentioned) – RIM is supposedly in the process of releasing new features for BBM (maybe a desktop client – who knows) let’s wait and see….

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