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FAQ: Download Large Files Using Opera Mini

operamini5Have you ever tried downloading a large file and run into the wonderful error "HTTP Error 413: Request Entity Too Large"? This is caused when you try to download a large file using the native BlackBerry browser.

Tom told us a little trick about how you can use Opera Mini to get around RIM’s requirement. Its very useful for people who don’t have tethering plans or need to download something quick to their SD card. Opera Mini 5.0 allows a user to download "large" files to the microSD card, which then can be accessed on a PC via USB cable or using the microSD card itself with an adapter.

For example, say you needed the latest Firefox browser for your PC. If you navigate to this URL within Mini Opera, the app will allow you to download the entire file to the device with no filesize limitations (nearly 8 MB in this case)! You can even try and download a full BlackBerry OS which is over 100MB+ without the app complaining.

So I have to ask have any of you used Opera Mini to download large files on your BlackBerry? I find it also useful for downloading podcasts and videos to my memory card…

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  1. Works to bypass carrier restrictions on crappy phones aswell..

  2. This has been the case going back to Opera Mini 4 and perhaps earlier as well. I’ve been doing this for over a year now to download podcasts directly to the phone for playback during long commutes to/from work.

    Unfortunately Bolt doesn’t have this feature which would be great as well. Hate having to keep Opera on my phone just to download large files that the native BB browser can’t.

  3. My opera 5 always stop and shows download failed. I use onyx 9700/ though.

    • Yes, me too.. I have no idea why but everytime I try to download any kind of file using opera mini it always failed
      Using bolt however, I managed to download the file, but I can’t seem to download file any larger than 5mb using bolt..

  4. Wish someone would make a download manager instead that works based on BIS chunk sizes. There’s one available but it’s really early and unsigned, so it’s annoying as hell to use…

  5. Hello, when I use bolt my download limit is 32558 kb. This is also weird. Is the limit posed by bolt, rim or my provider.

    • Your limit is 32mb? Lucky you..
      I guess its our provider who limit our download
      I’m not sure though, anyway its kind of suck..

  6. There should be no limits when we’re browsing over Wifi. But there is, and it’s ridiculous.

  7. I downloaded a new operamini 5 which is designed to fix the font size in blackberry. The font is fixed, but the download error still exist.

  8. Yep, I’ve certainly used Opera Mini to download a big MP3 file via some free WiFi to my 8820 while on vacation a year and a half ago. (I never really understood why RIM’s browser insists on applying the same, ridiculously low, size restriction to downloads even while I’m on a WiFi network.)

  9. Try to use fget. Its the best downloader for mobile. You can download large files in any format. And the best thing about it is that you can pause downloading the file and continue it the next day or week or even months! You can get this application at

  10. i use s0ny c510. with operamini 5 beta.. why i juz only limited 2 d0wnl0ad until 60kb? when i want 2 d0wnl0ad app. i must l0gin..but. i n0t sure this l0gin f0r what. s0 i cann0t enter username with pasw0rd c0rrectlx

  11. This problem is lame,i use opera mini on my nokia 5730 th dl limit is about 40 mega,but there is a browser around there called ucweb,u can adjust the amount of cahce used and so on,but i cant use it because i am using free browsing trick whish only works on opera,,gd luck guyz

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