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RIM BlackBerry Messenger Barcode Generator Facebook App

bbm-facebook NOTE: We held off on mentioning this yesterday because RIM was having some serious problem with their app. The demand was too much for their servers and brought them crashing down.

RIM announced yesterday on their Facebook page that they have launched a new Facebook app to add your BlackBerry Messenger PIN barcode to your Facebook profile page. This might be the first step of the “Exciting things” RIM has promised for BlackBerry Messenger. I am not sure why you would want to do that but it does raise awareness about the QR BlackBerry Messenger barcode feature.

You can add the BB_Generator Facebook app to your profile at this link. You simply enter in your BlackBerry PIN and the app will generate a barcode for your PIN. You can then make it you Facebook profile page or feature it on your Facebook page. I am not sure why you could not just put your PIN number in the profile page but it cant hurt to have options. 🙂 The irony is that this feature would have probably fit in better with RIM’s own MyBlackBerry social network.

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  1. Yes, and why would you want (or need) to create some new QR code from within Facebook? Thus only those who use Facebook can use it or create one? BBM 5.0 creates a unique QR code for use in exchanging contact info, implementing a way to easily export/import that would have seemed better to me.

  2. Well I don’t care if the whole world (seemingly) disagrees with me, I like this application and wasted no time in adding it to my Facebook profile!

    My only complaint is that Research in Motion (RIM) could have offered a few more color combinations… The current choices are nothing to write home about.

  3. The weird thing is I just looked and it is a different QR code on the Facebook App that is generated vs the one that BBM generates…how then, I wonder, can BBM understand the QR code that FB generates or get the correct info from it…my whole theory of understanding how QR codes work clearly has gone out the window!

  4. @Dan L – The blackberry version of the QR -code has your display name in it as well as your ID. The app in question only has your ID embedded it in. 🙂

  5. @George – Interesting! So what you’re saying is every time we change our display names in BBM our QR code generated by BBM changes as well. Why, I wonder, did RIM set it up that way, seems so inefficient and unnecessary.

  6. This app seems like a huge waste of time… I have had my BBM barcode up on Facebook forever. SAVE AS JPEG > upload JPEG to Facebook right from the phone. Not hard.

  7. I agree with Cadillac Cowboy, I do like this app. I was very keen on adding it to my facebook profile.

    My only wish is that it would be like this app on the iPhone. The app uses QR barcodes to process mobile payments. Man would that ever run some damage on my credit card! It’s called MobioID ( and I’ve heard buzz locally that they will be launching the app for blackberry soon! (eek!!!)

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