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Free Mobile Data Alerter Helps You Monitor Traffic Usage

Mobile_Data_Alerter_mainscreen When we mentioned S4BB’s Network Traffic Control beta yesterday Peter let us know there is a similar free app that is more refined. The app is called Mobile Data Alerter by e-office mobile and looks pretty nice. I am not sure if Mobile Data Alerter managed to get around the limitations RIM imposed in OS 4.5+ in terms of inaccurate traffic usage reporting but maybe they did. Still the app is free so it cannot hurt to give it a try.

Mobile Data Alerter is an app that will monitor the quantity of data packets sent and received by your BlackBerry and will let you set rules on them. You set your daily or monthly mobile data bucket and it will tell you when those quotas are reached. The app will also tell you what applications are running in the background so you can shut them down to stop them from using data while roaming.

Feature list:

  • monitors and counts incoming and outgoing data packages
  • shows (roaming) network statuses
  • shows real time daily and monthly data quota and consumption (shown in Kb)
  • shows active applications
  • several visual and audible signals are provided to alert the end-user and/or your companies telecom management
  • system administrators can remote control most options with IT policies set from the BlackBerry® Enterprise Server

You can learn more about Mobile Data Alerter at this link or download it OTA at from your BlackBerry browser.

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  1. This application will work with 4.5 and higher devices but the accuracy will be low especially if small packets are exchanged (For example when instant messaging). The good point is, that you can configure the packet size yourself. The bad is, that you can do it globally (in and out) only. Would be useful to be able to set this separately.

    So it suffers the same problem as the Beta of MiniMoni I once produced for 4.5 devices.


  2. This is NOT free. It has a 6 month licence. After that, I dunno…

    Seems misleading as no mention of a trial licence is on their product web page. When you go to the download page they state “Testdrive our software now”…

  3. Ive had the software for a year and still have not been asked to register of pay. Every time I re-install the OS I’m asked if I want the app to go online and look for registration code. I always select yes and it seems to get the code from somewhere.

    In regards to the accuracy, I am running OS 5.0 and for a while I was comparing the logs with my bill. The accuracy is usually whiting +/- 10MB which is not bad.

    If u want to track small amounts of data, round the counter to the third decimal or more..

  4. Anyone been able to get this working with a CDMA phone? I tried it on my 8330 OS 5 and it doesn’t seem to track anything. Data usage stays at 0 even though I am browsing the web, etc…

  5. Thanks for the letting us know about the apps. This apps become very handy while using BlackBerry in international roaming to check the data usage 🙂

  6. That’s what’s happening to me as well. Didn’t do anything, Tour 9630 here

  7. Ive tried using it on a 9700 running Its great until the first soft reset or batt pull. When the phone is restarted the load screen runs then it hangs and is totally frozen once the Bar is a %100 percent.

    I have had to wipe and reinstall twice because of this. It may be incompatible with the latest OS 5 releases.

    Backup EVERYTHING before you try this app.

  8. 9700/ works great. No problems even after a battery pull. The one think I didn’t do, was click yes for license. Just click cancel.

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