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Xobni Mobile for BlackBerry Released!!!

xobni-mobile It has been a long wait for Xobni users. Xobni let us know that they have just released Xobni Mobile for BlackBerry on their website. Xobni Mobile plans on improving contact management on your BlackBerry by automatically creating rich profiles from the people you contact. It ranks contacts based on importance giving you a more manageable address book. Xobni has me right on the money claiming that users usually have 300 contacts in their address book. I have 326 and it is getting hard to manage.

Xobni does its magic by including all the contacts you have ever emailed or received emails from including characteristics like if you were CC’ed. They deeply integrated their application into the BlackBerry OS so that you can perform most of the functions with ease. They have also announced a new Xobni One service that shares your information between the Xobni Outlook and Mobile applications so things stay in sync.

Features include:

  • Email addresses for everyone with whom you communicate
  • Automatic phone number extraction
  • Access to contacts using Xobni within the email compose screen or in standalone application
  • Prioritized contacts using Xobni Rank, which lists contacts by how often you communicate with them versus alphabetically
  • Saving of Xobni profiles in the event of hard drive crash or lost phone
  • Quick access to valuable information, including:
    • One-click access to Facebook and LinkedIn profiles, including photos
    • Recent SMS, phone calls and emails exchanged, and shared appointments
    • Shared network of people
    • Ability to send your calendar availability to all contacts

Currently Xobni mobile is only compatible with the BlackBerry Tour, Curve 8900, Bold, and Storm series devices so if you have a different device you will have to wait Xobni to support it. To download the application just head to

Xobni Mobile does not have a free option like the Outlook plugin. You can see the pricing options below:

  • Xobni for BlackBerry standalone app:  $9.99 one-time fee
  • Xobni for BlackBerry with Xobni One:  $6.99 one-time fee + $3.99 recurring monthly fee
  • One-year of Xobni for BlackBerry with Xobni One:  $39.90/year

Still Xobni provides enough of a value proposition that I think many users would be willing to pay for it.

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  1. While it looks pretty sweet, without a trial I’m finding it hard to click purchase.

  2. still confused from all the readings in the forums..Is the app stand alone for the BB? Will it still work say if you had no signal? Also can you delete contacts? tia

  3. Got the message earlier today from Xobni… loving this app!!

  4. Just Bought the app and found it disappointing. The video shown here is STRONGLY MISLEADING:

    Even the video on xobni’s site does not show the reality of the app: it can’t access your schedule, it cannot find correctly your contacts on facebook, it will not show correctly how many times you contacted certain person.

    Another surprise is having closed the app and, after opening it up and logging in again, what a joy: it started rebuilding the index from scratch.

    These and other issues have been reported to xobni’s support and I am waiting for an explanation – or a refund.

    For now, I would reccomend everybody to stay far, far away from the app.


    • I am a happy Desktop Xobni user. I readily jumped up and paid for the BB version – wow… what a CPU intensive application. I am constantly getting that little clock, and I can barely use the phone for anything having installed this thing.

      I don’t really honestly think it’s out of Beta test yet.

      For $10 it’s a lot of pain and suffering the way it is today.

  5. Can’t believe there’s no free trial on something like this. Ridiculous. I’d give it a shot, but definitely not paying for it. Sorry.

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  7. Nice introduce,thanks for sharing.

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