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Poll: 40% Of BlackBerry Users Willing to Jump Ship for an iPhone?

loyalty Now here is some odd survey news. Crowd Science did a brand loyalty survey measuring smartphone loyalty and came up with some interesting results. They found that almost 40% of BlackBerry users would prefer an iPhone as their next smartphone. That is a big number to wrap your head around. That means 2 out of every 5 BlackBerry users would rather have an iPhone. Even taking into consideration the margin of error on these kinds of surveys that number is still WAY to high.

The CEO of Crowd Science, John Martin, had this to say about the results:

These results show that the restlessness of Blackberry users with their current brand hasn’t just been driven by the allure of iPhone. Rather, Blackberry as a brand just isn’t garnering the loyalty seen with other mobile operating systems.

That spells some really bad news for RIM. We decided to see for ourselves what the results are by conducting our own poll on how many of you want to switch to a different smartphone. Let us know below:

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via Ars Technica – Image courtesy of Fail Funnies

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  1. As terrible as this sounds, has anyone carried out a survey on people leaving iPhone and having BlackBerry? More importantly, people returning back to BlackBerry !!
    Its just that old saying, the grass is greener on the other side.
    I was reading reviews the other night and one said “Iphone is for the retail market where as BlackBerry is for the Business market”
    At the end of the day, its what YOU want out of a cell phone!

    • I think you hit the nail on the head. I know more people that have gone from BlackBerry to iPhone back to BlackBerry than I know that have iPhones period.

      The grass is always greener.

  2. I find the virtual ink dedicated on blackberry blogs is infinitely greater than blackberry posts on iphone ones. The envy only goes one way. People who like keyboards get a keyboard phone, those who like touchscreens get a touch phone. Ultimately the iphone is the sexiest and most fun phone around, but not everyone wants a fun sexy phone. To try and compare is for marketers not consumers.

  3. That percentage will go up a lot higher if RIM doesn’t add 2-way Google sync to BIS 3.0 as they said they would do. First looks would show they didn’t do this, but I’ll wait until 3.0 is actually deployed in North America before I start looking at another smartphone.

  4. Until recently, I WAS tempted to try-out the Palm webOS devices, however the fact that Palm insistently REFUSED to release these handsets outside of North America (specifically, in Australia) and the fact that Palm is supposedly having a bad run at the moment don’t really encourage the purchase of such a device…

    In particular, the question of how much longer Palm will be around really makes me have second thoughts – Research in Motion (RIM) on the other hand, may or may not be losing market-share, but I am EXTREMELY doubtful that they will withdraw from or take a significant hit in the market in the foreseeable future.

    The Android OS devices ARE intriguing and it’s likely that I MAY consider such a device in the LONG-TERM future (primarily due to the fact that my domains use Google Apps and I’m a BIG YouTube user), however at this stage the operating system is still too fragmented and in its infancy… In short, Android OS still needs a LOT of work before I’d consider making the switch and BlackBerry OS currently works fine with my Google Apps accounts, for the most part (WHERE’S MY TWO-WAY SYNCHRONIZATION, RIM?).

    Apple’s devices? Nope, no way, no how. Until recently, I MAY have considered an iPhone product at some point (albeit reluctantly), mainly due to the vast software catalog that includes titles from some BIG names, however after sitting by the sidelines and watching Apple remove “offensive” applications from the App Store, whilst keeping “offensive” applications from companies that have money (such as Playboy), well that’s something I just don’t want to be a part of…

    Honestly, I would probably download an “iBoob” application for a laugh, but it doesn’t bother me if such applications don’t exist – it’s the “one rule for John Smith the developer, another for Mr X who has expensive lawyers” thing that’s put me off the iPhone products, most likely forever.

    Sorry Apple, I love your computers, but you’ve probably turned me against your smartphones FOREVER with that one!

    There is ONE operating system that MAY make me switch however – the long-rumored “PlayStation Phone”.

    I’m a BIG Sony “fanboy” and I love my PSP (PlayStation Portable) Slim & Lite, though it is unrealistic to claim that I would DEFINATELY make the switch as although there is some evidence to suggest that we MAY actually see the “PlayStation phone” THIS year, there is no more details than this and NO ONE has any CONCRETE information on what such a device will look like, what such a device is capable of or what operating system such a device will run.

    IF it happens and Sony does a half-decent job, I’ll almost certainly make th switch (though if they go touchscreen-ONLY like EVERYONE else these days, I’d be pretty reluctant…), but until I’ve seen something more concrete about the design and functionality of such a device, I’m happy with my BlackBerry Bold 9000 and therefore, I have voted “no”… For now.

    I firmly believe that the next two years will be VERY, VERY interesting with regards to smartphones, and it will be interesting to see if I’m still happy to stay with BlackBerry OS in two year’s time…

    Will Symbian OS and BlackBerry OS devices hold their lead? Will iPhone continue to grow in popularity? Will webOS pick-up and/or grow in market-share? Will Android OS become more than a “toy OS”/cheaper alternative for manufacturers?

    These are things I am DYING to know the answer to, and the reason I will be watching the market VERY, VERY closely over the next few years…

  5. That aint up to RIM. Ask Google where is the updated plugin. All RIM can do is put the hooks in BIS (which they have) but Google must push a new plugin.

    • My understanding is that the GMail/Google Apps plug-in is made AND distributed by Research in Motion (RIM), in the same way that RIM makes and distributes their Facebook, MySpace, Flickr and (upcoming) Twitter clients (Kisses’ anti-spyware application appears to confirm this, listing RIM and not Google as the vendor)…

      • You are absolutely correct! Google is certainly a part of engineering the enhancement to BIS 3.x, just as they were for the current Enhanced Gmail plugin, but BIS is a RIM product and if Gmail 2-way sync is ultimately left out…blame RIM.

  6. I would tend to agree with the poll. I have used Blackberry since my black and white 6510 model. Every now and then I will switch to the latest, greatest phone on the horizon (Palm Pre, Android HTC Hero, HTC Touch (WinMo) just because I want my phone to do something exciting. Blackberry’s claim to fame is push mail. They push mail like nobody’s business and they did it the BEST of anyone. When all my friends were ooohing and aahhhhing over Motorola Razrs, Blackberry was really something special to have! But to look at, the phones really are not doing TOO much more than they were when I had the 6510. I have always returned to Blackberry because of the reliability of the mail and love of the QWERTY but with all of their releases etc… they are not making too much progress at all. Look at how difficult it is to get a simple Google sync! They need to realize that the OTHERS are pushing mail now and they are doing it quite well. With all the features you get on the competitors phones now PLUS the push mail, Blackberry is becoming the somewhat dull phone that does not much at all. Oh wait – they HAVE done something different! The phones have a cheap, lightweight, plastic form now and they will break as easily as any other on the market when you drop it! So they are equally on point with the others in that area.

  7. I’m a big BlackBerry fan — very productive and useful.

    But, one big hang up for me and a few other BB owners I know that are restless is the browser. They need to get the WebKit-based browser they demoed recently out as soon as possible. I think that would help them retain their customers.

    If I move, it would likely be to an Android-based phone, not an iPhone. We have 5 phones and AT&T’s pricing would be crippling.

  8. i love my blackberry and it is for personal not business.

  9. As my user name indicates, I used to be all for Blackberry. It was my first smartphone about 2 years ago and at that time its only competitor was the iPhone. Being that the iPhone seemed gimmicky and I have a personal tiff w/ iPhone, the BB made me happy. As time has passed though more and more carriers are stepping their smartphone game up… everyone except Blackberry. The company that used to think ahead of the curve seemed to lose steam once the Curve was released. Add to that a dismal 1st generation release of the touch screen phone in addition to not upgrading things like their prehistoric browser and you now have a once loyal BB owner now looking over the horizon to see what else is on the market.

    I think RIM went wrong when they got complacent. They underestimated the powerhouse called Apple and failed to realize the monumental way it would push the technological forefront. They also failed to see that the emerging class of consumer-based smartphone users would trump their stronghold of business-class consumers.

    While I refuse to turn into another Applehead, I’ve got until the end of the year before my contract w/ T-Mo is up. If Blackberry doesn’t show me something that wowwww’s me within that timeframe (which I doubt) I’m jumping ship to Android or the new Windows 7.

    In the world of technology we now live in, to stay content with old technology deems you old and “behind the times”. Nobody uses a Motorola Star Tac phone any more, pagers are all but forgotten and these used to be a market standard. A hip consumer needs to stay ahead of the Curve. Pun intended

  10. I can’t blame those users. RIM’s build quality is terrible lately. That alone would drive me to at least try an iPhone. I don’t really know much about iPhones though. I’m also tired of the lack of apps for blackberry, when the iPhone apps run and look 10x better. RIM needs to get there sh!t together, I’m getting tired of it. The email “function” is getting old with me and other OS’s are catching up in that regard, so where does that leave RIM?

    • Really? I cannot confirm that, I’ve dropped my 8820 and 9500 Storm numerous times. The 8820 in particular has had a lot of abuse, yet both devices work fine. The displays exhibit next to no scratches (even though I keep both unprotected in my pocket… next to change…) and other than having to put the battery and back cover back in after every fall, the devices needed no maintenance so far.

      I’ve also seen a colleague who fell into a river with his 8310 Curve. The device stopped working initially but when we turned it back on a week later (after leaving it to dry thoroughly), it was back up with no hitch!

      Maybe we’re just lucky but the only problems we’ve had with devices so far are the trackballs conking out… and that’s probably resolved on the newer devices, since they have a trackpad.

  11. Very interesting.

  12. I tried an iPhone for 24 hours – the email capabilities cannot compare to BB. I am back to BB

  13. I changed from the storm to the Motorola Droid. Wow what an improvement. The iPhone no way, I like to multitask. I am not looking back. As far as in its infancy, for an infant it blows away the blackberrys I have owned. Just my 2 cents.

    • Mmm, I did notice the Motorola Droid… It looks pretty impressive, though I’m not sure it will be released in Australia.

      I have to admit though, it’d be pretty hard not to consider switching to Android OS after playing with a device like THAT…

      • FWIW, I tried the Droid briefly and loved it…and the Android OS. I just had a problem with it transferring songs from my Mac (iTunes) to the Droid…but it worked great with Windows. That was early on and the problem is most likely fixed now. One downside to the Droid is you can not change font size in email (in the browser, yes) but unless you have very good eyes, the email font size is way small.

        • Yeah, I’m pretty keen to have a “hands-on” look at the Motorola Droid, so hopefully they’ll release it here… Doesn’t mean I’m ditching BlackBerry OS, in fact for now it’d primarily be used with my “backup” USIM and as a “toy”, but it would great to get my hands on one.

  14. I’ve had a BB on my belt for nearly 12 years, and by now I’m about sick of hearing “BB email capabilities…BB email capabilities”. Those “capabilities” are, in fact, “INcapabilities” for Google Apps and Gmail users. And with the number of users moving to Gmail daily, there will only be more dissatisfied BB users. I’m not a fan of the iPhone…tried two of them…but at least the iPhone is completely compatible with Gmail and it has all the Gmail features. All BIS provides is one-way push and a couple of other Gmail features. It’s sad 🙁

  15. I currently have my Blackberry 9700 w/a 16gb memory card for music.. I just purchased an iPod Touch and I can see what the excitement is. There’s just SO MUCH MORE to do on the iPhone, I live in NYC and take the subways everyday, and the only reason I bought the iPod was for the amount of things it can do when I don’t have access to internet service. With my BB, when I’m underground, it’s rendered useless other than music and cached news articles from AP Mobile (or something along those lines). With the iPhone there’s a PLETHORA of apps, games, readers that can be used offline.. there’s just so many more options than in Blackberry App World. The number of apps available for the iPhone makes a huge difference. Also, the graphics.. it’s aesthetically pleasing. The only downside I would say about the iPhone as compared to the Blackberry is it’s inability to run multiple apps simultaneously.

  16. I never get tired of email, including the excellent email capabilities of the BlackBerry (occasional flaws notwithstanding). And Gmail could go to hell today for all I care.

    However, the BlackBerry has turned into that kind of prostitute that advertises her services as “for executives,” which is just personal ad lingo for “I charge a premium to do what pretty much any other hooker will do, perhaps even better than myself.”

    Surely that kind of “premium” attitude will always fly with a certain number of don’t-know-any-betters, but an ever increasing number of people are getting in on the truth and entertaining the idea of walking away.

    Even worse, RIM has become an aging hooker. The kind that is visibly sagging, outdated and doesn’t try as hard to look sexy as she used to anymore.

    I am not walking away yet because I still can’t see anything REALLY better than the BlackBerry, but yes, I feel like going away. The writing has been on the wall for quite some time now. All a competitor has to do is leverage RIM’s OBVIOUS vulnerabilities and attack.

  17. I love my BB… physical keyboard, great display, battery life, functionality …

    The ONE thing that, excuse my french, is total shit is its web browser. That one needs to die in a fire and be replaced ASAP! Browsing the web on any trackball (or touchpad) based BB is just excruciatingly painful. It gets a little better on the Storms but there, selecting text is true horror.

    I’m probably not going to change my business phone, but if I ever get a private one, I’ll probably try out an Android or Maemo based device (with physical keyboard).

  18. Why would anyone (except a someone who “is defined” by their possessions) ever switch to an iPhone. Battery life is terrible! Great apps – yeah, but if your battery dies, what good are they? And being locked to AT&T, and with all your apps having to be blessed by Steve Jobs & Co. – no thank you. Need / want to upgrade your memory – maybe net generation, IF Steve feels like opening up his monopoly.

    I’ll stick with my BlackBerry!

    iPhone Phan Bois and Girlz – Continue to be defined by the latest flash and sizzle form apple – I’ll continue to depend on my BlackBerry Bold!

  19. I am a bb user for several years, but I’m tired of the same ol’, same ol’. I’m switching to the HD2 next week. I know they aren’t upgrading to winmo7, but I need full browser capabilities, faster service, etc.

  20. I never thought I’d do this…but I’m trying out a Palm Pre Plus (Verizon) for 30 days. If it doesn’t work out I’ll go back to the BB, but I have to say this is better (for me anyway) than the iPhone! It’s smaller, has a great email client that works well with any IMAP (I use Gmail) and it is two-way IMAP sync, where the BB does not. It also syncs to my Mac much easier than any other phone I’ve ever used. I know Palm doesn’t have a huge market share, but at the end of the day it’s what works for you. The update to WebOS 1.4 make this so much better than the 1.3.x version. Additionally, I looked at the Palm Pre awhile back and didn’t care for it at all…to me, this is a completely different phone. Anyway…just one more perspective.

    • Yeah, well if Palm released the webOS products here in Australia, I’d be pretty tempted to make the switch… In fact to be honest, it’d pretty hard to say no to the Palm Pre!

      Of course, then there’s the fact that Palm is on the verge of collapse – it doesn’t bother me, though I’m not gonna hold my breath for a local release if this happens…

      • You make a good point, but what most folks don’t realize is that Palm has probably a year in which to become profitable (not necessarily fail). After that point they’ll have to find someone with deep pockets to help out. Given the state of the company after this year, and the state of their product (mainly the WebOS) that’s when things will become critical for them. For me, and for the next year (if I keep the phone) I believe from a business perspective Palm will be here and so will their products. What I can’t believe is just how slick the WebOS 1.4 really is. I had sort of pooh-poohed it for a long time (without even looking at it)…but it really is nice!

        • From Wikipedia:
          “The Pre was launched on June 6, 2009 with Sprint, and later also went on sale in Canada. A GSM version of the original Pre was launched later in 2009 on a number of networks in Europe and in Mexico.”

          “A revised model, the Palm Pre Plus, which doubled the memory and internal storage, was launched on January 25, 2010 for Verizon Wireless.”

          I was of the impression that Sprint had only recently lost exclusivity and that Verizon had only recently won the right to sell the webOS products… Clearly, I was wrong.

          My favourite part though, is this:
          “It has surprisingly avoided Australia despite it being their largest market per capita.”

          A classic example of why Palm is racing towards bankruptcy!

          What’s more, not only does Palm have a large market here (apparently – I wasn’t aware of this…), but we have a LOT more mobiles per capita than North America and at one stage, had the highest number of mobile phones per capita in the world (it was actually my hometown, the Gold Coast, that held the claim to the most mobile phones per capita in the world at the time…)!

          Yes, Palm have done a fantastic job at bring us the next evolution in Palm OS, but they need to pull their thumb out, release their products in AUSTRALIA and take a long, hard look at their marketing practices! If they can do that, well they’ll be around a LOT longer… If not, well it will be a sad day for the mobile devices industry.

          • Doesn’t make sense, does it. I would also like to see Palm release the WebOS in Australia, which would obviously benefit the company, the users, and the mobile phone industry.

        • Yeah, well I’ve just sent Palm a couple of messages on Facebook and Twitter demanding to know why it’s not available in Australia… Tomorrow I’ll e-mail them and Monday I’ll give them a call.

          Not sure how much luck I’ll have, but it can’t hurt to try…

  21. I had a Curve, and the OS was so poor that I upgraded to a Bold. That resulted in more OS frustration. I also had an issue getting compatible apps for the Bold. I finally got sick and tired of the phone freezing up in the middle of calls and then waiting 5 plus minutes for the phone to reset (Both the Curve and the Bold had this problem.)
    Bought an iPhone and have not had a single regret. I do miss the keyboard, but the technology is so far superior with the Apple product that there is no incentive that would induce me to go back to BB. I have used both, and the iPhone is far and away the better device. Sorry Blackberry.

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