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Free Antair Headers App Lets You View Full Email Headers on Your BlackBerry

Antair Headers I have always been annoyed by the way practically all smartphones do not let you view the full email headers for each email. The header can give you some valuable information about the email especially if you suspect it may be spam like a spoof or phishing email. Email headers are very useful since they can tell you who the message was actually sent to along with other interesting values.

Antair decided to do something about it by releasing a free app called Antair Headers. It gives you access to the email headers of both BIS and BES emails on your BlackBerry. The only real requirement is that you need to be using OS 4.1+ but who is not these days?

You can read more about Antair Headers at this link or download by visiting this link from your BlackBerry Browser. Let us know what you think of the app in the comments and kudos to Antair for a great app!

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  1. Shawing…. Sweet.

  2. +1 on the annoyed front… Sweet little utility.

  3. Nice, but unfortunately it doesn’t really show full headers. It only shows date sent, date received, subject, to, from, message-id. It doesn’t show all the received headers (server to server), nor any x-headers or any other additional headers. For me, that would be the main use for this — to really show full headers like a desktop client can.

    Hopefully they release a premium version that does this.

  4. This is definitely a great start. Also, it would be nice to be able to copy the full headers once displayed so that it could be cut/pasted as necessary.

  5. True full headers of the source email WOULD be sweet, but this app (as was hinted) likely does what it does with what’s available. Since BIS reformulates emails before they are sent to your device, you’re only going to see the “full” headers that RIM passes through. Since we know they don’t pass ALL header data the potential of an app like this is limited.

    BUT it CAN give you some decent clues and help you. For example, I never open Outlook to POP my email without first having examined all emails on my device and deleted suspicious ones. This greatly helps avoid many scam or phish or other malicious emails that somehow make it through the filter my provider uses. Having access to more headers would help in that process.

    And heck it’s free and Antair is a pretty well known developer of BB apps.

  6. Thanks Ronen for the review and thanks guys for the comments.

    For now, the product is, indeed, restricted by what the device makes available as far as headers go, but the tool is something we are using at Antair internally for dev purposes, and we do expect to improve it and build on it as we go.




  7. Very useful app… thanks for the review BR!!! definitely going to check this out!!

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