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Verizon Says No To BESX Access on BIS Data Plans?

beheading It looks like RIM forgot to share their plans for BESX with Verizon. One of the main selling points of BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express was that fact that you could use it on a device with a consumer grade BlackBerry BIS plan instead of an enterprise BES plan which usually costs 50% more a month. The caveat was that you could not do wireless activations with a BIS plan and could only do them through desktop tethering.

In response Verizon was not to happy to hear that customers could get away with paying less. They dutifully sent out a training memo to their tech support and customer service reps that they would not be having any of this BESX on BIS plans. That goes against their whole plan to nickel and dime their customers to death. On the other hand Verizon customers are so far reporting that BESX is still working on BIS plans. Hopefully RIM does not cave and give Verizon a way to force users not to be able to use BESX on a BIS plan. If they do they will just be shooting BESX in the foot.

You can see the full memo below courtesy of BBLeaks:

On March 1, 2010, RIM will launch BES Express (BESX), an entry-level version of BES.As with all Corporate email solutions, customers will need a corporate email data plan or feature added to a voice plan to allow access to BESX.Note: Customers on the Email and Web for BlackBerry $29.99 data feature MAY NOT utilize BESX.

Overview: BESX replaces BlackBerry Professional Software (BPS) in RIM’s product lineup and allows businesses using Microsoft® Exchange or Microsoft Small Business Server to support up to 75 BlackBerry subscribers without having to purchase Client Access Licenses (CAL) or a dedicated server. Additional users can be supported if BESX is installed on a dedicated server.

With the launch of BESX, RIM will discontinue the sale of BPS. Verizon Wireless will sell through our remaining BPS inventory and RIM will continue to support this solution for the foreseeable future.

Customer Information/Eligibility:

  • BESX will be available directly from the RIM website. Customers should be directed there for additional product information.
  • BESX will not be available directly from Verizon Wireless.
  • As with all Corporate email solutions, customers will need a corporate email data plan or feature added to a voice plan to allow access to BESX

Reference: Information about current pricing options is available in the Verizon Wireless Small Business Guide or on See the BES Express page in InfoManager for more information.

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  1. Simple, leave Verizon and come to Sprint.

  2. Does anyone think RIM has the cajones to stand up to Verizon if Verizon REALLY wants to lock out BIS customers from accessing BESX servers? If Verizon wants to do so, from a technical standpoint it would be simple since they can control even on a BIS plan what sites you can/can’t access. But man, would that totally suck for RIM’s target market for BESX.

    I have wondered all along if RIM hashed out all of this sort of stuff with the carriers BEFORE they went down this BESX path. It was obvious it would be putting a big dent in a revenue stream the carriers love. Apparently, either RIM did NOT hash this stuff out in advance (at least with Verizon, will we soon hear similar for other carriers?) or someone at Verizon didn’t “get the memo” on how BESX works and is confusing BES and BESX. Let’s hope for the latter.

  3. Verizon is becoming the Apple of the cellphone world!

  4. I never understood how they (RIM) could stay in business charging different rates AND charging for the BES server software AND CAL’s to access the thing. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE my Blackberry, and am fortunate that my work pays for the service, but in todays economy, it is getting to be a hard sell. If Verizon wants to loose customers, this is a good way to do it. Data is data, no matter where it comes from. Consumers and businesses will drop Verizon if they don’t change this. $10 a month is not a lot, but when you have 100 or more Blackberries, that’s over $12000 a year!!! And thats for the same data OTHER providers charge less for. With this scenario, it’s not hard to justify the ETF and tell Verizon to bite it…

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