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Even More Pictures of BlackBerry Slider Prototype – Possibly 9900/9930 for Sprint?

slider-profiles The rumors keep coming strong for the yet to be even remotely announced BlackBerry Slider. We have seen some pictures a few times already but the latest batch from BBLeaks show a little more detail and comparison with a BlackBerry 8900. Nothing much else on that front other than the model type of the battery which is F-S1.

The BoyGenius has joined in on the rumor mill with some details he got about the BlackBerry Slider. Supposedly the device will be both GSM and CDMA with the model numbers set at 9900 and 9930. Their source claims the device they saw was Sprint branded and failed early diagnostic tests 4 out of 5 times. Hopefully the device will be improved and rounded out so we do not end up with another Storm1 launch… full of wonderful bugs.

slider-back1  Slider-back22

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  1. I haven’t even had my Tour for 6 months, but I want this really bad :/

  2. I will NEVER switch to Sprint so I hope T-Mo gets this too, or I’m switching to Android.

    • I’m with Sprint, and am generally happy with them. Not that it has anything to do with the topic at hand, but why will you never switch to Sprint? I’ve tried Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Nextel, and Cincinnati Bell, and Sprint works the best for me because the prices are much nicer than Verizon and the service is great (at least where I live and use the phone). T-Mobile had the worst coverage for me, next to Cincinnati Bell (which is odd, considering I live in the Cincinnati area…)

  3. I was with Sprint for 6+ years, and when the 8320 came out I wanted on due to wifi so switched to T-Mo. I was out of contract on my 2 lines, yet Sprint charged me $400, and refused to renege. They already owed me $200 from me calling Canada when they offered me a plan that included Canada, only when the bill came all my calls were NOT included and they said the rep had told me wrong yet I still owed the whole bill. If they pay me my $600 back we can call it even.

    • Yeah, that sounds about right. By far, Sprint has to have the worst customer service in the industry. I bought a phone through a third party one time, as an upgrade, and when I got my bill, Sprint added the full unactivated ($500+) cost of the phone. After several calls, and eventully speaking to the department that handles cancellations, they finally realized that since I did not purchase the phone from them, they had no right to charge me for it, and removed it from the bill. I’ve had a few of these little go-arounds with them, but to me, the stresses of dealing with them occasionally is worth it for the price/quality of the phone/network itself. To each his own, I suppose.

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