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BIS 3.0 Goes Live in EMEA – No Gmail Read/Unread Sync

Thumbs-downWell the sad truth is out. Our friends in Europe let us know that they have been upgraded to BIS 3.0. Sadly it looks like we were right and Gmail read/unread sync was pulled from the BIS 3.0 release. I even went back to some documentation I had on BIS 3.0 from a bit back and it clearly states that Gmail read/unread sync was supposed to be included.

Here were the exact words:

Enhancements to the Gmail/Google Mail Plug-in

The Enhanced Gmail/Google Mail Plug-In (referred to hereafter simply as “the plug-in”) introduces the next level of email integration for BlackBerry by supporting Gmail/Google Mail specific actions and views. The current Gmail/Google Mail integration with BlackBerry supports

  • “Archive” action
  • “Report as Spam” action
  • Applying Labels to messages
  • Applying Stars to messages
  • Search all your Gmail/Google Mail from your BlackBerry
  • “Conversation View” of related messages.
  • Account to device synchronization of deleted items

The 3.0 release introduces:

  • Account to device synchronization of read/unread status, and sent items
  • Ability to create and delete labels from handheld

Use of the Gmail Plug-in requires BlackBerry handheld software v4.5 or greater (preloaded on devices running BlackBerry handheld software 5.0+) and a Gmail/Google Mail integration (Gmail/Google Mail integration must be using IMAP, not POP) within BlackBerry Internet Service (Not a stand-alone application separate from BlackBerry).

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  1. boo!

  2. I’ve emailed screenshots of the admin tool to the forums 🙂

  3. RIM just keeps shooting themselves in the foot. Soon they won’t be able to stand anymore. Competition just keeps heating up.

  4. I’m ready to go get an IPHONE, this is really alot of bull****. At least Apple CARES about the end user. This was a FAIL update like we need an archive option… I had it just going to a different folder it did the same thing. Maybe 3.1? But I’m done hoping. That’s all this blackberry thing has every been, hope for a camera, hope for mp3 support, hope for a regular head phone jack, hope for a better youtube app, with h264, hope for gmail with sync. Do you see the sad sad chain of events you keep hoping for something another phone already has. Not to mention that Iphone keeps getting compared to iphone which has 2 models, not 23987493284797 like blackberry. I agree its a more tailored device, but still I’m tired of RIM promising things it doesn’t hold true to.

    That’s my two cents

    • You got it!

      Look how far the iPhone has come since the first version. Even Android has moved quickly from 1.5 to 2.1 OS, fixing bugs and adding features.

      These days even WinMo is picking up their socks and pushing ahead.

      But not RIM! Very, very disappointing.

    • C’mon, don’t pretend it’s not the same with the iPhone: hope for copy/paste, hope for stereo BT, hope for GPS, hope for 3G, hope for tethering, hope for Exch support, hope for VPN, hope for multitasking, etc… each platform has its dev cycle and plus/minuses based on business plan and we the consumers have to decide which product is the best balance for us. For example, while two-way Gmail sync is important to me, I’ll take my BB’s Exch 2003 support over Android any day. And the iPhone not having a message indicator light is a deal-breaker for my critical alert needs, but many people couldn’t care less. Guess what? Life’s about choices and no product is perfect. Sucks to be us.

  5. Amazing… I once loved RIM, now all they appear to be doing is dissappointing tried & try customers and pushing out a bunch of similar devices.

    They’re really starting to SUCK.

  6. Android looks very promising before (yet another) blackberry comes out I’m going to sell my 8900 and say adios amigos

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