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Giveaway: AddOnis 35 copies up for grabs

screenshot_1 A few days back Ronen mentioned that Twinkler Software updated their popular app  Addonis which now works with OS 5.0, includes Stanby & Lock function. Rory followed up with some good news for the Berryreview readers.  We have 35 free copies to giveaway.

App Description:

AddOnis is the All-In-One utility that your Blackberry can not be without! Nominated for the Best Utility App of 2009.
With the installation of only one small file, AddOnis adds features normally added by multiple utilities – and with AddOnis – all of these extensions have been designed to work together perfectly in harmony.
AddOnis extends system functionality, enabling features missing from the system that make your device easier and more efficient to use by adding all of the choices you always wanted to your menu selections.
AddOnis also adds features to the device, letting you selectively block or permit calls from certain numbers, adding options to various alerts, adding a configurable missed call indicator, providing In-Call notifications and so much more. Review the full feature list below for a complete listing of what AddOnis can do for you!

Giveaway Details: We have 35 free copies to giveaway simply leave a comment below for a chance to win and let us know why you want a free copy. No double comments or you will be disqualified.  Comments must be left before Tuesday March 15.  Thanks to Rory

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  1. Nice app would love to get a hold of a copy.. Times ease up soon I will buy it, if I get selected or not.

  2. I’d like to have it because its considered a “must have”. Thank you.:)

  3. Sounds like a nice app

  4. I would love a copy, thanks!!

  5. Hi there!! I’ve always wanted to try this app!! Hope I win!!!

  6. Would love a copy!!!!

  7. I would love to win a copy of this!

  8. Addonis me please and thank u! Did I win yet? Lol

  9. Great app hope to grab it

  10. PLease!!!! My friend just got this and loves it! I need a copy! :-)

  11. Would love to Addonis to my Blackberry Curve

  12. Give me a chance AddOnis please. Because AddOnis is one of the most useful in Blackberry and I could not live without it. I really like the feature help me add every new number to my contact in 2 ways, new contact or existing contact, after finishing the call. That’s awesome.

  13. Me 2!

  14. Awesome! I’ve been hearing a lot about this application lately and I would like to try it out. Good luck to everyone.

  15. Hi, thanks for the great soft

  16. Addonis is great

  17. This is a must have! It will be easier to save to memo instead of pasting everything.

  18. Nice and could be very useful for me! Please choose me as one of the lucky winners to own this app! Thank you..

  19. I love all in one software as Addonis. Useful and save memory device :)

  20. i would love a copy, please. thanks

  21. I Want To Keep Track Of All My Calls… I Want AddOnis

  22. hope to win this one

  23. Would love to win. Thanks!

  24. Yes good luck to me and to allllll LOL

  25. yesgive me give me pleasseeeeee
    hope i win

  26. I want one, thanks. I know the chinese version is much cheaper.

  27. Please give me a copy.Thank you.
    It’s very well.


  29. Would like to have.

  30. Very cool. Would love it!

  31. played with this app on a friends BB and its pretty sick! im waiting for it to go on sale before i drop some coin and buy it but boy if i win… well that would just be pretty awesome!

  32. Sounds like a great app. I hope I win! Good luck to all.

  33. Seems like a cool app..
    Count me in 😀

  34. I had adonis before, but I now need it for OS 5.0, so I’d love to win.

  35. I need one for the other BB lol

  36. Please pick me, I would like this app from longtime ago.

  37. I need this one for my bold. Thanks

  38. As a BB-addict in 1. degree I really would be glad to own a free copy of this fantastic app. This would give me good dreams and vibes for years and years:

  39. count me in!

  40. i wan’t a copy..


  41. Glad there is a giveaway. I want one!

  42. Id really use it for business contacts… id love to have a copy!

  43. I love this app, please pick me.

  44. I want a free copy because it’s one of the most practical and useful Blackberry apps out there.

  45. the biggest reason: standby

    but its other features are great! very practical

  46. Great app while in beta,,

  47. AddOnis is my fav software of BB.thank you

  48. Best app. while trying it.

  49. I could use this for sure.

  50. Looks very good. Would love to have a copy. Thanks.

  51. i work for Adonix, i want addonis XD

  52. All in one great application for BB, minimize memory usage.. I hope I win one

  53. Man oh man, I want this. Pick me berryreview, pick me pleeease.

  54. This sounds like a great all-in-one utility program. would love to have it.

  55. I love this app. It’s so USEFUL!!!!

  56. I would like to win a free copy because it sounds like a great application and I think I could use the configurable missed call indicator.

  57. I would love to win a license. I like all the features which are very useful especially the one where you can selectively block or permit calls from certain numbers. I always get marketing calls which i really cannot stand.

  58. its really one of the best berry application.

    i want it to gift some one.

  59. I would love to have of a copy of this!

  60. Sounds like a great app.Would love a copy

  61. Great to have

  62. Looks like a great utility that I would love to try!

  63. want one!

  64. Fantastic app can’t wait to be a lucky winner. Thanks

  65. This app has all the features which I am looking for. Currently I have to use mutliple apps to serve the same purpose. It will be great to win a free one.

  66. It’s a great program and I’m still running the BerryAddOn beta. I work at VZW and constantly promote this program when I’m selling a BB, especially on a BOGO offer. If I get this program, I can refer more customers by showing them the new features!

  67. Sounds like a great app, I hope I win one.

  68. I want one just because I do.

  69. just 3 word: me, me, me! 😀

  70. Sounds cool! Sign me up!

  71. Been wanting to get AddOnis, would love to win it for free!

  72. Pick me!

  73. I want to get rid of Rexconnect 😉 and it would be a welcome addition to my toolbox which already includes versatool and fixmotools :)

  74. would love a copy guys… thanks

  75. it is very good, i want it, thanks for giving!

  76. This looks awesome!

  77. The feature list is really impressing, I’m especially interested in the black- and whitelist functionality.

  78. I’d love to win a copy of this app! Since upgrading to OS, AutoStandy doesn’t work anymore. =( My phone has died on me twice from the battery running out already. It really sucks!! As I said, I hope I can win a copy of this program!

  79. I would like one

  80. I’ve seen it work on my friends BlackBerry! It’s simply practical and awesome! Want one please!

  81. If we can get all-in-one, why should get more? As simple as that, in AddOnis we can have many apps we need without sacreficing our phone’s memory by installing many apps. I would love to have 1 copy. Thanks a lot to Rory and BR !!

  82. i love this app, i would love to have it. Pick me Pick me!!!!!

  83. All in one great application for BB

  84. I would like one, thank berryreview

  85. Good concept, seems like the customisable app that you always wish you had. Honestly RIM should eventually be pick this up and be working with the makers of AddOnis to make this a software feature. Hope I get it. Good giveaway for a very useful app. Fingers crossed!

  86. I would love to win it!

  87. I want one free copy

  88. Should be part of the operating system.

  89. I would love to have a copy of this very nice app!!!

  90. This app compliments BBerry’s functionality and would assist in my everyday Workflow … Hoping to win.

  91. i want one…

  92. I’d love to use this to consolidate all the single function apps I currently have eating up valuable memory. Please pick me! TIA

  93. This is very usefull application especially the firewall feature since I have so many calls or sms from unknown number

  94. Would love a copy

  95. Fantastic app

  96. Now that OS5 compatibility has been added, I think this would be an excellent addition to my 9700. The automatic standby is especially appealing.

  97. How wonderful it’d be to block specific callers! Thanks to Twinkler Software for offering this app. I’d love to win one, so I’ll cross my blackberry! :)

  98. Ok, I wouldn’t mind :)

  99. thanks 😀

  100. I Win, yeah, lol, not yet.
    why do i want a free copy? coz it’s free? lol, well, it’s a really useful utility, specifically the call block function.

  101. am winning this time

  102. I really like this app. it makes the BB what is should have been from the factory. Pick Me Please!!

  103. This app looks like something that would be useful!

  104. Nicccceeeee

  105. That’s great program for BB!
    Lucky for M!

  106. Hope this app of me

  107. Im in for this! Why do I want it? Im 44 and not as sharpe as I use to be, so I need every shortcut advantage that I can get these days.

  108. Just one for all BB need…
    Chance for lovely BB to get it better

  109. me

  110. I been looking for this for a while. Thanks for the opportunity.

  111. why i want this, this program just like swiss army knife for my blackberry

  112. I’d love to have this. I had the original when it came out and then they never have me my free copy for testing out the software for them.

  113. Consider me entered. I’d love to have this ap to show off to all my fellow BB friends and be able to rave about how good an ap it is. Pick meeee!

  114. I am all about productivity – this looks like a winning gem.
    Please, please choose me for the code.

  115. Its greattttttttt thanks for picking me!!!!

  116. Thank you!!!!!!!!!

  117. Hook me up!!! Thanks!

  118. Would be nice to get a copy of addonis for my 9700

  119. I want this app because it has all the funtionality I need for my berry

  120. I want to win a free copy of this application! Why? Because I can free up more memory with an all in one application. That would be really great.

  121. Por Favor! I want one!

  122. i hope i get it :)

  123. add me as a winner

  124. I like the whole idea how u can log your incoming and outgoing calls into your calendar. For ppl that have 100s of errands a day, it’s nice to have it in calendar form rather than just the call logs. Hope I will win a copy!

  125. I like how they have a page of emoticon. There are never “too much” emoticon. Though it would be better if os could’ve converted it little smileys pic

  126. I totally love the ability to block selective calls for certain numbers…cough *Ex gf* cough…haha

  127. I tried this app for a few days now on trial. And I just so fond how much more convenience this had made for me, like adding my messages to calendar. If I can get a code for this app, it would help make my life easier.

  128. I would love this app cuz it would be able to replace some of the other apps that I already have into one single + more features.

  129. i guess im tooooo late… but i’d love this

  130. anything that can make it easier to use my berry is always something i would like to have a copy of….pls send one this direction =)

  131. contact information into SMS/MMS/Email/PIN Message!!!!! you just dont know how it is like without that feature! switching back and forth between address book and email is such a drag. Hope i can win a copy to make my blackberry use more efficient

  132. hope i can get a copy to try out the firewall for blacklist and whitelist. Not sure how that would really work, so looking forward into trying it!

  133. nice app…. wish to try it

  134. being able to add contacts much easier from the calls made is a good enough reason to even want this app not to include the many other features it will provide

  135. Hey I need this app

  136. Would love this!

  137. Really hope to win

  138. Hi I am intrested in this since I like every shortcut that can make my life easier

  139. Thank for your important good news. Addonis was verry good & comfortable for my BLACK BERRY in my job, my controlling. I will waiting lucky coupon !

  140. Sounds great! I’d love a copy!

  141. I’d love a copy of this. Anything that makes my BB work better is a reason to do the happy dance.

  142. I need a copy helpme to obtain these wonderfull app!!!

  143. What a great application. Everyone should have it.

  144. I would love this app cuz it would speed up everything I do. Gotta make good time!!!

  145. This app will finally bring my 9700 up to date with features my Nokia has as default. It’ll complete my life :)

  146. I’d like to enter the contest too. Hearing about Addonis for the first time and seems like a very useful application

  147. In it to win it..

  148. AddOnis is a brilliant app – versatile and practical – that’s why I’d love a copy!

  149. I need this app as I use blackberry storm2 quite a lot for my daily use.

  150. Awesome app!!

  151. This little app can replace several others. A true All-in-one tool.


  152. I just discovered this site trying to fix my micro sd card error, fixed it, I’m so happy. I love my blackberry phone. I would love to win this. Thanks for the chance.

  153. I read this site all the time! Hopefully I’ll have the pleasure of winning your contest too! The software AddOnis just seems like the perfect all-around tool that would make your blackberry that much more functional and great to have! I look foward to using it!

  154. Hi,

    AddOnis has some nice features packed into one utility. I like the auto-standby feature and the vibrate on connect/disconnect and would like to make use of those options.

  155. This would be very usefull to me

  156. Addonis for the win!

  157. This is the greatest app to come along for the BB in several years. I would sing its praises if I were to get a free copy.

  158. This app really sounds good!

  159. Wow, I’ve heard some really good things about this app. Hope I win!

  160. AddOnIs = Awesome

    Free copy please!

  161. Oh! Pick me, please!

  162. hii i just commented on this site but i cant see my own comment
    is it cuz its deleted ir what?

  163. What a wonderful application!

  164. As the Blackberry “go-to” guy in my office, I try out all software for our group of 200+. I recommend to the IT department and my collegues what software to get in order to improve Blackberry funtionality. From what I read about this software, it seems to plug a lot of the functionality holes in the Blackberry software, and I would love to give it try. If I like it, you can be sure that I would recommend this to those within my organization.

  165. I need this app because its a must have app!!!!!!!

  166. count me in

  167. just in time

  168. hope to win it. help me

  169. Great All in one!!… really a most have utility!


    This is one of those MUST have apps that just make BB life so much simpler! I would like to have a chance to make my life simple, count me in……….

  171. ADDONIS!


    Wow. 😀

  172. I come from china,blackberry is my best lave。Rory,yes,Congratulation you !you are a Developer come from china !!!
    I know addonis has a beautiful chinese name -“魅佳”,addonis is one of my best love blackberry softwares.

  173. I want a free copy to improve the functionality of my Blackberry.

  174. I would love to have a copy of this app. I believe this will improve the my BB functionality!

  175. Great app!

  176. I would to win a copy of Addonis with all its great features it will make my BB way better specially with its great feature of call blocking cause I have allot of annoying people I would love to block them so I hope I can win a copy of this great app abs thanks for the great giveaway.

  177. Looks like fun. Thanks, BerryReview!

  178. Oooo, I hope I win.

  179. The best app on the market. I hope win a copy of this geat app

  180. This would be an awesome app to own and I could certainly use many of the great features of AddOnis!

  181. Sounds like a great app!

  182. i’ll throw my hat in to get a copy of this awesome.

  183. Me want to win :) is it Tuesday March 16 ? or Monday March 15 ?

    The post is weird !! but i hope i win

  184. app, forgot the app part

  185. How nice. Another nice give away.

  186. I would love a free copy. This application looks very organized and useful for my Blackberry day-to-day functions. :)

  187. i want

  188. I’d love to win this now that it supports 5.0.

  189. i will have one please, thank you =)

  190. I’m disabled. this app really helps decrease un-necessary scrolling and clicking from multiple apps. I used to have this on my 8330, but have an 8900 now and can’t afford to spend money on apps, at least unltil I start getting my disability payments, that is.. I love this app.

  191. Am I in for the contest??

  192. Great hope to win 1 !!!!!!

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