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Rove Sees the Error of Their Ways & Rereleases Mobile SSH

rove-mobile-ssh I had heard rumors that this was coming but I am glad Rove has finally realized what a screw up they made when they removed Rove Mobile SSH from the market. They might have been justified in focusing on their core business but I still consider it a bad move.

Rove has now rereleased Rove Mobile SSH for a much lower price in App World. I purchased Mobile SSH over 2 years ago for $99 and now the price is a much more reasonable $29.99. I will definitely be trying it out since I have been looking for a solid SSH client for OS 5.0 and hopefully this is it. I am still amazed that Rove managed to squeeze it into a 323Kb download.

Rove Mobile SSH gives you the ability to connect to:

  • Unix and Linux machines
  • IBM mainframes
  • AS/400 and iSeries
  • Routers and switches

Features include:

  • Telnet
  • SSH1 and SSH2 for secure access
  • SSH2 public key authentication for enhanced security
  • User-definable shortcut keys
  • VT100 terminal emulation
  • IBM 5250 terminal emulation
  • IBM 3270 terminal emulation
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  1. Thanks for the heads-up. About time!! Notice the price is “coincidentally” identical to PaderSyncSSH… hmm…

  2. I use a program called mipdssh. Its free. It works for me on OS5. Not sure what else I would need. But I only do basic things with it.

  3. Yes, midpssh is fine for some occasional basic things, but if you download the free trial of Rove or PaderSync you’ll see why they’re much better for those of us who live in a shell. Much better UI and UX.

  4. Check out BBSSH. It will make Rove cry when they realize they waited too long…

    • Wow, BBSSH is excellent — thanks Ronen! How did I not know about this?? Sorry Rove… 🙂

    • Agreed 100%! BBSSH rocks and will be THE WAY to do SSH on the Blackberry Platform from here on out.. It’s already quite usable and nice..

      And of course, it is open source, so it will only get better..

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