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Giveaway Winners: CarrierUnlock, A Music Player, Fancy Characters & MyStocks

Thanks to the following companies we have several winners for last weeks giveaways:  CarrierUnlock, DawnSun Technologies LLC, Sergey Demyanov and Toysoft Development, Inc. If you find your name in in the list below you will be contacted within the next two days with information on how to claim your prize.  Remember that the emails are sent out to the email registered when the comment was left.  Thank you for all the comments and to the awesome developers that made this possible, as well to Latinlegacy for providing the giveaway for Fancy Characters and its developer.


CarrierUnlock A Music Player Skin Fancy Characters MyStocks
DaX05 m0m0 jforce tanzim
Jordan Cruz ninabobo888 PDM globaldanish86
Susan Ramod Izetrueis RobV rich
Jordan blindguy SRF itch808
jacula rhae TomF scrafferty
Scott501 ColeDaddy rudy DV2061
Paul H kshitij84 Patrick Ghostshell
hershey21 Brian Peardon frozencloud Sam K
carlos BigB juma papped
ninabobo888 fraziel Jai Razkull
boy_de_ghet Jay Everette siloam jdy
David boy_de_ghet bloodbath breiti
Ticonderoga Esther simonla imaginis
E scotgals86 copinger JoeS
kirill Jetstream Eric Van Norman RobV
Krash_Kart APurwadi jb305 mikewet88
storm210 Nguyễn Tuấn Anh yingzhengtc Gavin
Ian BigJav Tashanna Gio
nathan coffman mika cj Kylash
Bryce C Sam K brayndeded Phreqd
jay Matt blindguy
montycarlo jon berry m0m0
Snooze nikynik FOSSroxTHX
scrafferty cosmica Turkito117
ckinglam uberVU Jim Lung
Sam K Diaz
juan1158 David H
cb copinger
inc188 Sturta
joelee John H.
Jenny Salazar Jtodd
station_500 jpgnfx
audidi baldflux
Huseyin buy generic cialis
c0rinne JC
simonla Lee G
rubcal joseph
imrans automan69
Buff audley f
alai99 Zaxxon
Huseyin jason vorheez
breadslice Joe
brad mika
HARRY █ ♣ █ brayndeded
Oscar Goris Razkull
carisma jtsdad
tutt netposer
moestepp bizzcuit
Moises Lopez Esther
Tomy copinger
Scott McRay
Efraim L.
Adrian Herrera
Moshe Silber
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  1. Thanks very much guys

  2. Congrats to all the winners & many thanks to the developers, and BR, for making the giveaways possible!

  3. Hi I won a code to unlock my blackberry and have not received mail to claim my prize

    • I’m not surprised as Luis did write :
      “If you find your name in in the list below you will be contacted within the next two days with information on how to claim your prize.”

  4. Thanks Guys!!!

  5. I won! Thanks developers for your products and thanks Berryreview!

  6. Hi Adriana it takes a while to get all this emails out to the winners give it a day or two. Thanks

  7. ok ok so wait

  8. Awesome, mulitple wins for me. Thanks to the developers and BR

  9. I won an unlock code awsome thanks BR !

  10. Cool thanks.
    Lol, I’ve already unlocked my berry though, can I reserve this in case I get a new one?

  11. That will be up to CarrierUnlock not us. Thanks

  12. Thank you BerryReview and all the developers. 🙂

  13. Sweet .. I won

    Thanks BerryReview & DawnSun Technologies LLC

  14. Awesome.Thanks to berryreview,CarrierUnlock and A Music Player.
    Thank you Luis for making it possible.Cheers!

  15. Thanks Thanks and Thanks for giving us such a great webpage. Thanks BerryReview.

  16. Thank you!!!!!!!!

  17. Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  18. woo hoo! Thank you!

  19. Meanwhile, Luis has never emailed nor responded to my posted inquiries as to how to claim my giveaway prize of THREE FREE MONTHS OF SLACKER PLUS that I won like a month ago. Hope all you guys actually get to benefit from your “win.”

    • JBZOLLER please use download the application and use your email address you use here on the comments to register to get your free subscription. Sorry you did not receiver my email. Let us know if it does not work.

  20. You are great! I actually just got my e-mail about an hour ago, and I was wondering if it was the real deal. So as soon as I got home I checked the site for above, and there it was. 🙂 Thanks again.

  21. cool,, i won something

  22. Thanks, I winner.

  23. Thanks, guys. CarrierUnlock is awesome. They sent me an e-mail, I replied and literally 2 seconds later, I had an unlock code.

  24. YES!! CarrierUnlock 🙂

  25. This is absolutely amazing. Tnx so much br

  26. Sweet! I got me some fancy characters rollin baby!
    Thanks BR !!

  27. Thanks a lot! Great website!!

  28. thanks so much!!!! x0x0

  29. Thank you very much. Love the new Fancy Characters!

  30. I havent recieved any message for download yet… did everyone else get their winnings?

  31. hi

    i want to run : rm & ram on the blackberry

  32. Thanks to Carrier Unlock, the process of unlocking is so simple, and problem-free, will be recommending them to anyone I know who needs that type of service. Thanks again!

  33. Whoopee! I won Fancy Characters! Can’t wait to fancy up my 8900. Thanks everyone

  34. thanks..

  35. Cool I won the music skin! Thank you sooooo much!!! 🙂

  36. Thanks BR & Dawnsun!! 😀

  37. Hello i’m Dale Titus . Nice to meet you .

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