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RIM Confirms BIS 3.0 Features Making No Mention of 2 Way Gmail Synchronization!!!

Thumbs-down I am not sure how we all missed this one. RIM released a knowledge base article on their website this past Monday called “New features of BlackBerry Internet Service 3.0.” There are a few small tidbits RIM threw in that we did not know before but there is one HUGE omission. While RIM does mention that there are enhancements to the Google Mail Plugin they only mention that you will be able to create and delete labels from your BlackBerry. They even provide a knowledge base article describing how to create and delete labels.

One of the biggest features I have been waiting for was the rumored addition of 2 way Gmail and Google Mail sync in BIS 3.0. I have heard from a couple sources that this was coming in BIS 3.0 but you would think RIM would mention such a big feature in their list.

I really hope that 2 way Gmail sync is still coming with BIS 3.0 but we will definitely find out this weekend when it goes live in the EMEA.

From the knowledge base article:

New features of BlackBerry Internet Service 3.0Overview

The BlackBerry Internet Service is designed to provide subscribers with access to email messaging, instant messaging, Internet browsing, and more. BlackBerry Internet Service subscribers can receive automatic delivery of email messages for up to ten email accounts on their BlackBerry smartphones.

BlackBerry Internet Service 3.0 is the latest version of the BlackBerry Internet Service offered by Research In Motion.

  • Enhancements to the Google Mail Plug-in
    • Create and delete labels from the BlackBerry smartphone

Note: The Google Mail Plug-in requires BlackBerry® Device Software 4.5 or later and a Google Mail integration, using Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP), within BlackBerry Internet Service.

  • Additional Language Support for Basque, Catalan, Galician, Romanian
  • Increased Attachment Compatibility
    • OpenDocument Presentations (.odp)
    • OpenDocument Spreadsheets (.ods)
    • OpenDocument Text (.odt)
    • OpenDocument Text Templates (.ott)
    • Windows Media Audio (.wma)
  • Extensible Hypertext Markup Language (xHTML) Support for non Thick Clients
    BlackBerry Internet Service 3.0 is designed to support xHTML for non Thick Clients, providing BlackBerry smartphone users with a richer user experience, allowing for buttons, additional fonts, and colour controls when subscribers access and toggle their user settings.
  • Device Switch Revalidation
    Changes to optimize the email setup and deactivation experience when the subscriber switches BlackBerry smartphones or Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) cards.

  • Hosted Email Address Passwords
    Allows BlackBerry smartphone users to re-claim the BlackBerry email address if their BlackBerry Internet Service account is ever deleted.
    Note: After BlackBerry Internet Service 3.0, only newly created BlackBerry email “Username/Password” accounts will be prompted to create a password, secret question, and secret answer. For information on how to create a BlackBerry email address, see KB04553.
  • Send Delivery Receipts
    BlackBerry Internet Service users now have the ability to configure whether to allow sending delivery receipts or not. For more information, see KB12835.
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  1. Like you the two-way Gmail sync is the *only* worthwhile update to BIS 3.0. Maybe it’s been pushed to BIS 3.1 so RIM can release v3 this month?

    Otherwise, BIS 3.0, *yawn* …

    OT, while reading the docs you linked I found two docs on bugs on OS 5 that have been hot topics in the forums. The threaded SMS bug (it is a bug):

    And the mute/lock function (intentional not a bug):

    — Robert.

  2. Wow, everyone been waiting for 2-way Gmail sync ever since Gmail released IMAP, which was roughly October of 2008…. seriously RIM, get on the ball.
    Good bye BlackBerry, hello Android…

  3. I found it interesting how many people have been tempted by the Android platform…Given it is the newest and excitement around…but you are running the risk to move back to square one and wait for Google to develop and mature Android overtime.

    • How is it going back to square one? Google has their own email in order on their own platform, lol. Aside from that, my Android device sends email no more then 3 secs later then my BB. The argument for using Android over a BB is quite compelling when it comes overall functionality.

      • “The argument for using Android over a BB is quite compelling when it comes overall functionality.”

        Yeah, except for limited Exchange support on many of the Android builds. Amazing that even Apple supports Exchange 2003 better than Google. But as someone who uses both Gmail & Exch 2k3, it just depends on which enhanced functionality you value more. Personally, Exch is more critical. But I’m still dying for Gmail sync the way I had with Yahoo before I switched…

  4. I use Google Apps for all my domains, so it’s a little disappointing that two-way synchronization is not going to be added to the BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) with the 3.0 upgrade…

    However, it is the support for the ODFs (OpenDocument Formats) that I am most looking forward to – I’ve been waiting for smartphones to support this for a long, LONG, L-O-N-G time!

    Now all we need is DataViz to added support for the ODFs and I’m all set!

  5. After 11 years using a BlackBerry, this will be the end for me if they leave off 2-way Gmail sync. For me, it’s all about Google Apps and Gmail, and I’ve not changed to Android only because I love my BB and this has been dangling in front of our noses for six months. But Android obviously has even more than 2-way Gmail sync…it perfectly syncs everything about gmail to your phone. It’s a shame RIM just can’t figure out that Google Apps users are big in numbers and loyal to their product.

  6. Wouldn’t IMAP be a 2 way sync? Maybe Im missing something here…

    • Mike…actually, it’s not. There are reams written about this but basically, all IMAP does is push your Gmail to your BB. There are one or two things that sync if you use RIM’s Enhanced Gmail Plugin, but very little. For anyone who lives with Gmail, it is woefully short of the many features Gmail provides. BIS 3.0 was supposed to rectify these things, but apparently that’s not going to be the case.

      Even if BIS were to include all the things it was touted to…it was only enough to keep die-hard BB user around for a bit longer. While moving to Android is the optimum way to have all Gmail features on the BB. It seems so sad to see this as even the iPhone has full Gmail, but not RIM…they still forget that some of their pockets get lined with money from consumers and all they care about is the enterprise market 🙁

      • Reading this article really saddens me. It’s almost as if RIM just doesn’t give a crap about their users. I keep my gmail accounts as POP on my BlackBerry because they actually hit my device faster than if I had them set as IMAP. Since I’m not getting 2-way syncronization, I might as well go with speed.

  7. Well thanks for the awesome responce. I see what you mean. The whole iphone thing dont even get me started! Fido and rogers have developed an iphone app for account info ummmm blackberrry? Im ready to make the switch if BIS doesnt sorrect my email and start syncing everything. Tasks? Yes rim cares about corporate and corporate only 🙁

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