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Picticons Provides 300+ Picture Icons and Smileys for BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 – 50 Free Copies!

picticons VirtualViews let us know that they have just released Picticons which opens up the door for all of those cool icons and smileys supported in BlackBerry Messenger 5.0. This is very similar to Fancy Characters that was just recently updated with these new icons. Its good to have a little competition and both apps are now selling for 99 Cents in the store.

Some people choose to copy and paste the icons from an email or saved BBM chat but this is much easier. You can find Picticons in the store at this link with a free 3 day trial.

Giveaway Details: VirtualViews has been kind enough to give us a coupon code for 50 free copies of Picticons to the first 50 readers who use the code 50FREE in the checkout process at this link. First come first serve but if you get a copy don’t forget to thank VirtualViews in the comments!

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  1. heeeeey
    thanks in advance 😛

  2. This is absolutely awesome!

  3. Absolutely cool!

  4. Thanks. Grabbed one.

  5. nice nice. I likey

  6. Thanks! Grabbed one too!
    If I tell a buddy of mine to grab one even though his BB is only on the way what PIN should he put in? Does it matter? (I assume it might as it probably has to do with the program’s registration)

  7. I need I need. LOL!!!

  8. Heyyyyyy great thank you in advánce!!


  10. Awesome! This is th killer feature I’ve been waiting for in BBM 5.0. Thanks, BerryReview!

  11. Sweet! Would love to have this!!!

  12. In case anyone has installed it and was wondering where the heck the program went to (I did) here is instructions for activating it

    1) Ok in the email confirmation you got an activation code (should be 5 digits…mine was) you’ll need it so make a note of it

    2) Go to your BBM and hit the Menu Button (aka BlackBerry logo button aka button with dots on it) and in the menu that pops up you’ll see “Picticons”

    3) Click “Picticons” and it will open a window and ask for your activation code, Enter it.

    4) Now any time you want to use one of the Picticon emoticons you’ve got to hit the menu button and go to “Picticons”…going to the usual emoticon button to the right of the reply line won’t have them

  13. Bring it on…

  14. I would love to win this….

  15. yeah itd be so much easier than adding to auto text…i only got 2 deep…

  16. WOW already gone 🙁

  17. Yeah! I’m loving this ! Put me done to win a free copy! Thanks in advance.

  18. sweet

  19. Im one of the 50. I get one for sure right? Guaranteed? 😀

  20. Would love to have this one.

  21. i wanna funny emoticons

  22. simpler than just putting it in notepad

  23. would love a copy

  24. Would be a great addition for my BB.

  25. looks very cool.

    Can I try it?

  26. too good this application jejeje one copie please!

  27. Would love to have it!

  28. Nice!

  29. Man I love to win this. Tnx br

  30. i have 3 copys of fancy characters left check out my youtube vid on it rate comment sub

  31. Very useful and fun, please kindly consider me.

  32. Would be a perfect app for my Storm. Thanks for the opportunity, great contest

  33. I miss it 🙁 The code is not valid

  34. I want this!!!!

  35. maybe I lost my chance, also get “This promotion code is not valid”.

  36. More ICONS!!! I don’t know what i will do with myself!!

  37. wow… nice…with this i can play fun icon with my gf. .please pick me for free copy… thanks.

  38. More More icons.. You good draw!

  39. Go get an original app. Fancy Chars waits for you 😉

  40. no hablo ingels pero muchas gracias

  41. I need this one

  42. May I get one copies?please….I really like this application…

  43. can i have a copy please???

  44. thanks berryreview

  45. give it to me “)

  46. yah…….paid for it…….. and it doesn’t work…… shows up on everyone else’s but not mine!!!! not at all happy with it!!!

  47. Can i get an activation code for these smileys! Thanks a lot!!

  48. Thought I downloaded picticons app for my BB Bold 9700. OS Ver. Each time I click on the Picticons in the menu, I get an error msg “Picticons is for BBM 5.0!” What’s wrong? Thanks!

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