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Giveaway: VersaTool All In One Utility – 20 Free Copies!

versatool_smallVersaTool is the latest app from VersatileMonkey. We mentioned this All In One BlackBerry utility before and VersatileMonkey and I know some of you asked me about a giveaway so here it is. The app is really just a collection of tools that bring some much needed functionality to your BlackBerry.

VersaTool sells for a very reasonable $4.99 with a 30 day free trial so it cant hurt to give it a spin. I am really digging the ability to set apps to run at startup for Viigo.

Giveaway Details: VersatileMonkey has kindly offered 20 free copies of VersaTool to readers who comment on this article. Just leave your name and a valid email address in the email field and if you are randomly selected you will win a free copy! Comments must be left before Tuesday March 9th at 11:59PM EST to win and winners should hopefully be notified within a few days. Only one comment per user will be considered!

Official VersaTool features:

  • Alarms: Set as many nameable and snoozable alarms using whatever ring tones you like for any combination of days and times
  • Canned Responses: Save short or long email clippings and combine them to reply quickly to common emails
  • Auto Reply: Use email/PIN/SMS filters to automatically respond to incoming messages with a Canned Response
  • Home Screen Bookmarks: Bookmark URLs, popup menus, VersaTool applets and many other tasks to your BB home screen
  • Popup Menus: Create menus to common tasks like emailing, calling or searching the web and assign them to home screen bookmarks or convenience keys
  • Really Convenient Keys: The built in convenience keys limit you to one action: pressing a button. VersaTool allows you to assign actions to pressing, but also to pressing and holding and double pressing. You can also assign actions to the mute key and end key. Any action allowable by VersaTool is available as a target: Popping a menu, launching an app, launching a URL and more
  • Run on Start: Have a favorite app that you’re always running that doesn’t allow run on start? Run on Start allows you to run any app when your BlackBerry starts up
  • Run on Schedule: And why limit yourself to running things on startup? Run on Schedule allows you to schedule any action that VersaTool allows on any schedule you want
  • Just Take the Picture: 9 times out of 10 when you want to take a picture of something, by the time you’ve got my BB out and unlocked you’ve lost the opportunity. Just Take the Picture allows you to take pictures from anywhere quickly, even while the device is locked (OS 5.0+ only)
  • Tip Calculator: Are you deficient in basic arithmetic like I am? Tip Calculator will make sure your deficiencies don’t penalize your wait staff
  • Unit Conversion: Need to know how many angstroms are in a meter? Easy peasy with Unit Converter
  • Weather: Bookmark the weather for your city to your home screen and see the weather at a glance. The home screen icon always shows the current weather and highs and lows for the day
  • Device Actions: Use scheduling or menu items to perform device actions like enabling wifi, taking a screen shot or locking the device
  • More to come!

Unofficial features:

(These features use undocumented or hidden BlackBerry features that may not be available on all current or future devices and OS versions)

  • Flashlight: (OS 5+ only) Use the brightest light on your berry, the video camera light, to show your way in the dark
  • Standby: Set your berry to automatically standby when the backlight turns off
  • Reboot: Schedule your berry to reboot to refresh your free memory
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  1. Seriously considering getting this app even if I don’t win a copy. Lots of features I could use.

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  16. The features of this app are what’s missing from the native OS to make it awesome.

  17. I’m currently running the trial, and loving it. Great job VersatileMonkey

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  33. Here’s my entry. Good luck everybody!

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  35. Downloaded the trial, enjoying. Hope to be selected!


  36. sign me up!

  37. and the winner is rubcal

  38. Love my podtrapper…..i know i will love this!

  39. Sounds like a great app. Thank you for the freebies!

  40. Send one over this way! lolz

  41. Lots of tools. Nice!!

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  50. BerryReview Rox the house!

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  61. Yes Please!

  62. Great App

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  74. VersaTool is very useful for me, I just download the free trial version and try the different alarms features. For my working hour, lunch, off and even for take my vitamins LOL. Its a very good apps! And I would like to get one free give away for me. Thanks you.

  75. Would love this!

  76. I’d like to have this one!

  77. sounds great, I’ll take one :)

  78. I love versa tool & I have found it very useful. My favorite part is the ability to set many alarms @ once. Looking forward to being able to use my tones as well though.

  79. great software. Please give me one

  80. well i’ll be a monkey’s uncle. i eat a banana every day to keep me in tune, so this would be a great compliment. would be swinging from the tree tops to have it.

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  92. The best tool application ever

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  94. I downloaded this yesterday, and it’s so incredibly useful that I’m surprised RIM hasn’t been able to provide bberry users with a similar program.

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  104. nice would save a lot space with this all in one

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  108. Graet tool. Would love to get my hands on a copie. Making BB live so much easyer. :-)

  109. Wow this application looks awesome!! I would loove a free copy! :)

  110. Great aplication ! Regards from Poland :)

  111. this is a great applications and i would like to us it. thanks

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  115. I love this product! I hope that I can win a copy, but who’s kiddin’ who? I will be buying 2 licenses… I installed it on my wife’s BB and she fell in love with it also!

  116. More fun stuff for my Storm!

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  118. nice app. it’ll be great for my bold 9700

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    hope can win this…

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  123. Hey there consider me for VersaTool,Thanks for giving such good utility which will definitely come handy for me

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  136. Please!!! Can I have one?

  137. Would love it. Something for my utility folder that’d be the most useful.

  138. Winning VersaTool on my BlackBerry would be great. Their Tip Calculator is great and that is ‘just’ one of this awesome array of apps within THE app.

  139. Gotta have this one. Great applications….

  140. It seems lots of utilities are bundled together! Great…I hope to win a free copy of the apps.
    Name: Tanzim Shamsuddin
    Email ID:[email protected]

  141. This is very niche app!! Thank for the giveaway

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  143. seems so useful

  144. Very handy utility all in one app nice interface & set up structure I really hope to win to make my BB the very best it can be thanks.

  145. Wow, it’s awesome. Would love to have 1 copy of this. Thanks Versatilemonkey and BR for the giveaway !!

  146. I have the trial, and its a pretty cool app

  147. I need a versa tools, so I can remove many tools that is replaced by versa tools.

  148. i want i want

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  150. Would love to win this would be something I would pay for anyway!

  151. I am so happy to see the Bundle applications offering tons of applications all in one! It really makes it easier on us Smartphone Users. Hope I can randomly win a copy!


  152. Looks like a great, well developed app. Can’t wait to try it.

  153. Wow, i would love to try this out, i may give it a go even if i dont win it!

  154. Coolest!

  155. I will be buying this even if I don’t win, loved his other product podtrapper

  156. and the winner is meCka!

  157. go Berryreview. Pick me..

  158. I have been trying a trial version for a week or so. I’ve presently only really tried three of four of the apps, yet those pay for the whole cost of Versa tool itself. I really like the scheduling event tools, as well as the tip calculator. Hope to see a free license!

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