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Destroyed BlackBerry? Share Your Pictures!

stormcracked1 A friend of mine accidentally dropped his Storm2 yesterday with disastrous consequences. The whole screen shattered filled with a bunch of hairline fractures. I have seen some BlackBerrys really battered over the years but this really took the cake. Especially since the rest of the device was picture perfect except for the screen.

So I though I would put it out there. Share some of your best pictures of BlackBerrys that you have destroyed. (Use something like for the images) I will post up the best ones in a follow up article!

stormcracked2 stormcracked3

stormcracked4 stormcracked5

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  1. Ouch! That hurts to even look at.

  2. This doesn’t show up very well in the photo but…[email protected]/4409006765/
    You can see in the image that I’m holding the Pearl upside-down, and the trackball is not falling out even though the little plastic chrome ring is missing. Why? Because this genius broke the ring trying to “clean” the trackball, and then decided that since he no longer had anything to hold in the trackball he should KRAZY GLUE it in place! Does anyone wonder how well his trackball worked after he dumped “too much” glue in and melted it to the keyboard? And I don’t know his definition of “too much” but I’d say ANY Krazy Glue inside a Blackberry is too much.
    SOURCE: I handle all the cellular billing and support for my company, and I see a lot of Blackberrys ruined by people who don’t deserve to have them!

  3. This is more of a “forced” breaking, but it is, in all ways that matter, broken:



  4. Otterbox does wonders on Blackberry! Looks like someone should get one. I have one on my Storm 2, and have dropped it a few times, usually from about 3 feet onto concrete. Holds up great.

  5. That’s exactly what my Storm 9500 looked like when I watched it fall from the roof of my car. It was like slow motion & I was powerless to stop it. 🙁

  6. I have a spare Storm2 for your friend Ronen – just make a offer 😉

  7. May the berry Gods have pity on all those sad screens.

  8. It is a dog eat (blackberry) dog world!

  9. This is a crime 🙁
    I hope never happens to me

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