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DataOutageNews Asking for Support

DataOutages-logo DataOutageNews is a amazing resource dedicated to letting regular users like us know when there is a data outage. They simply strive to answer the question of “is it just me?”

DataOutageNews has sent out a email to all their subscribers that they are in a bit of a cash crunch. They have kindly asked for help from the community to assist them in continuing their efforts. They spend hours dealing with Microsoft SMTPSVC, bounced mail, and dead addresses for their mailing list of over 5000 subscribers.

If you feel like you have benefited from the service they provide please consider sending them a dollar or more to keep this useful service alive. You can donate either at at the bottom of the page or at on the sidebar.

Read the full email after the jump:

DataoutageNews is in a cash crunch
For $1.00 at the local diner, you can buy a bottomless cup of coffee. At the local
bookstore, a large three shot, double latte cappuccino is about $5.00. Ideally we’d like
to see every DataoutageNews and lists subscriber sacrifice at least one or two days without his or her coffee to enable us to not only continue the work we’ve been doing, but improve our services.
"Keeping up with Blackberry outage related news is important in this business, and we have little time to troll the web for outage reports. Dataoutages is a great service to me."
"This is the most informative mail list I have ever been on and have passed it on to many of my associates who share the same opinion."
"The Dataoutage list is highly recommended, and probably more entertaining than most Blackberry Forums."
A donation of $1 to $5 isn’t a lot when you consider the work done behind the scenes here, such as dealing with Microsoft SMTPSVC, bounced mail, and dead addresses. Its no small feat filtering, formatting, and analyzing the reports that more than 5000 information security, homeland defense, and open source intelligence professionals depend on.
We greatly appreciate any amount you’re willing to send out way, Thank you for your support!
You can donate if able at either at at the bottom or at on the side.
Thank You

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  1. Is it lack of funds that kept them from reporting the Verizon outage this week? I saw no notices either email or RSS.

    • I would say I am assuming they have costs associated with mailings list and also they may be experiencing difficulties with the software they are using, need to upgrade or get support which is $$, hosting is not free, time is not free, after all this time they should get a little something. There are other concerns the list is finite (not infinite) but its cost related.

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