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Review: Calendar Pro from SBSH

Review: Calendar Pro by SBSH

[Rating: 9]


Cost: $14.95 in the Berryreview Store

I had the opportunity to test and review this latest calendar application called Calendar Pro. Developed by the folks at SBSH, Calendar Pro is an alternative, more integrated calendar application than the default BlackBerry calendar. As a huge calendar user, I was excited to give this a try.

First off, Calendar Pro is very visually appealing to the eye. The set up and arrangement of the calendar, use of colors, etc. make it easy to view and understand at quick glance. Like the default BlackBerry calendar, you have the option of viewing your calendar in monthly, weekly or daily formats. Viewing in monthly format, you have the added feature of seeing the first few appointments at the bottom of the monthly view. This, in my opinion, is a very nice option.

A brief description from the SBSH site: Turn your BlackBerry into a powerful time management system. Enjoy innovative and compelling tools far beyond the default BlackBerry tools that will help you manage your busy schedule. Advanced calendar views, dedicated tasks manager, powerful recurring items engine, category coloring and icons and much more!

Now before you go deleting the default BlackBerry calendar, tasks application, etc…DON’T. You need these in order for Calendar Pro to work. This is because Calendar Pro is built on top of the device internal default databases and uses the same databases as the default BlackBerry Calendar application, meaning you can also sync it to your Outlook and other calendar applications on your PC. Another feature is the option to color code your time according to categories (ie, personal, business, etc.) and those colors can be seen in both daily and weekly calendar views as show below.

Setting up your appointments is easy, working much like the default calendar application. The only difference is that there are a lot more options with Calendar Pro. You not only have a tab for the basic appointment setup, but there’s also a tab for ‘notes’, ‘categories’, ‘recurring features’ etc. as indicated in the screen shots below. Keep in mind, since Calendar Pro works along with the default BB calendar, you will certainly get not one, but two reminders for each appointment. With this in mind, all you need to do is go into your default BB calendar ‘options’, select the appropriate email your calendar coincides with (or all of them) and turn reminders off. This should do the trick.

There really is a lot to Calendar Pro and more so than even I have had the chance to take advantage of since testing it for less than a week. For example, in addition to category colors there is also an archival of icons which you can assign to each of your categories. These category icons and colors are then used to enhance your agenda display throughout the different SBSH Calendar views. I have to be honest, I don’t use it’s integrated ‘task’ features much but I’m not much of a ‘task’ user anyway. However, there’s lots of features for task users. I would suggest visiting SBSH’s website to learn all the information you can about Calendar Pro as possible, and there is a lot of information to be found there as well as more screen shots. I also suggest going to their beta testing support forums for some other ideas.

I did have some initial issues with some appointments not showing up correctly, but upon some tweaking I seemed to fix those issues. These issues mainly happened with appointments that I had set up on the default BB calendar application BEFORE downloading and using Calendar Pro. Once I deleted the old entry and re-entered into Calendar Pro, the issues seemed to go away. Also, just a quick note regarding Calendar Pro working with today themes that have ‘calendar’ listings, as far as I know it doesn’t. For now, that seems to be a theme feature that works with the default calendar app only. So if you use Calendar Pro, and have a Today style theme…just be aware.

As a final note, though Calendar Pro is priced at $14.95, which for some is a bit high for a calendar application, and though I did have some initial kinks to work out…I find myself feeling very comfortable and familiar with this application. I like it better overall compared to the default BB calendar application and for what it is, it works very well, which is why I gave it a high rating.


-Attractive and appealing to the eye

-Lots of options and features for appointment set-up

-Easy to use, just like the default BB calendar app

-Tasks features, very user friendly


-Some of the recurring appointments I had set up on my default BB calendar BEFORE loading Calendar Pro were not working correctly at first. Had to delete and re-set those appointments.

-Doesn’t work with the ‘calendar’ listings of Today style themes, but that isn’t really something they can help

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  1. How does this compare to Pocket Informant?

  2. Does this app integrade well with ‘today” themes out on the market or would I still have to enter the appointments in the default BB calendar for them to show up on my homescreen with the themes? Anyone know?

    • Hi, as indicated in my review, towards the bottom, as far as I can tell Calendar Pro does NOT work with today style themes. So yes, you would have to enter appointments into the default BB calendar app in order for them to show up in the calendar listings.

      • Thanks

        • Hi JMP 🙂

          Calendar Pro is structured on top of the default BlackBerry databases. This designed is on purpose of course to maintain compatibility with any other applications that use the data from your BlackBerry calendar/tasks, and also to maintain full syncing compatibility.

          Therefore, this means any appointments or tasks that you add/edit/delete etc. using Calendar Pro will also show with any other application that use the calendar and tasks details, such as any Today type of application you mentioned.

          I hope that this helps 🙂

  3. This looks real nice but does not work on my Storm 2 9550 ?

    • Hi Don,

      The current version still doesn’t support touch screen BlackBerry devices :/

      We will have some news released within a matter of weeks now which should be really helpful those who use Storm devices 🙂 I invite you to stay tuned for our upcoming release which will introduce touch screen devices support with it!

    • Try the e-Mobile Planner. They have a Storm version as well.

  4. Hi. I tried out the SBSH calendar but did not like it. I choose the e-Mobile Planner, it is a similar product, bur for me better, easier and more well-aranged.

  5. Doesn’t appear to carryover basic ability to email “all attendees” or select attendees for a given meeting/event. This is a no-go for me.

    “Hi, running late, please start without me”…shame.

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