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More Pictures of the BlackBerry Slider Leak Out!

bbsliderhd1  bbsliderhd2

I love how once the leaks start about a new device they keep coming strong. The latest leak is courtesy of the team at BBLeaks who managed to score some high res screenshots of the BlackBerry Slider. There seems to be some contention about what the name of the device will be but personally I could care less if it will be a Storm or a Bold. Check out more pics after the jump!

bbsliderhd4 bbsliderhd3

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  1. I’m sorry but am I the only one that finds that slider utterly unattractive and a sign of desperate times for RIM. I understand the need for product diversity, but not product absurdity. This “sliderberry” would probably garner more affection from me if it were a lanscaped based model, but not this, the hunchback sister of the palm pre. RIM has lost me as a future consumer, this atrocity will severe a 4 year old relationship. Please don’t do this RIM.

    • you don’t necessarily haveto purchase this device am sure they have more than just this device. But you are right i am not sure whether I like it or hate it. I am sure once I have it on my hand it will change my mind.

  2. I actually prefer vertical sliders to horizontal ones, especially if its going to be a BB. Portrait keyboards are RIM’s strength, so why go with a landscape keyboard? I dislike horizontal keyboards and when I had one….I avoided at all costs actually sliding it open for text entry. I think I tried every on-screen keyboard for Windows Mobile back in the day

  3. Storm missed the mark. Storm2 got close. This looks to be almost all the way there.

    Millions would use this and I bet never open the keypad.

  4. The only problem with vertical layouts is you can’t watch a movie or a video with the keys straight up. With the Storm you wouldn’t care less because you don’t have a keyboard.
    Pretty interesting…The blinking light is now round and more centralized. I’d call it Stold…lol 😀

  5. I’d probably use this device, as long as it’s not too top-heavy (nothing worse than trying to type on a slider/keyboard device that is top-heavy!)… An accelerometer on this device would probably seal the deal, at this stage.

    Now that these new pictures have come out however, I’m starting to wonder about the size of the device, as it looks pretty thick and whilst I don’t mind a bit of weight, being too thick is a put-off.

    Sure would be nice to see all that silver/chrome plastic replaced with silver/chrome covers – yes the device would be heavier, but it’d have a better feel to it and appear to be of a higher build-quality…

  6. If this thing is real and it ends up hitting the store…this could be the answer to a lot of prayers. I swear by my BlackBerry but I do envy people we touchscreen device. Both the screen real estate and the functionality is something I always wish I have. No to the point where I would give up my QWERTY over it.

    One thing that I am crossing my fingers on is the browser that this unit will come with. I sure hope that RIM has a new browser ready to go to combat iPhone and make use of the touchscreen!

  7. Glad to see that their moving in the direction of making their screens bigger. Can’t wait to hear more about it.

  8. A touchscreen with a portrait keyboard is the answer to a lot of my desires out of a smartphone.

  9. can’t wait for this new bb so cute

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