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Pictures Leak of Prototype BlackBerry Slider…?


We got a few tips about this earlier but the pictures were pulled before we had a chance to pick them up. Luckily LouiV from BBLeaks managed to grab them before they were taken down. I know for a fact that prototypes of the BlackBerry Slider have been floating around but this is the first I have seen of an actual device. If it is a fake its a pretty good one but the Trackpad shows that if real this device is a recent prototype.


via BBSync

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  1. Looks Like I’m Going To Be In A Love/Hate Relationship With This Phone.

    Like A Teenage Step Child, It Needs To Grow On You: Right Now I Hate It But I KNOW I Will Love It Later On.

  2. I hate sliders and all, but I LIKE this phone.

    This basically Storm screen ‘real estate’ with a trackpad instead, and a Bold keyboard!

    BO BLACKBERRY for taking all the things that work the best and integrating it into one phone.

  3. I really hope this is not the storm 3. i really like the idea of having a slider cause rim makes good keyboard phones, any one who used a BB with a keyboard knows it pretty darn good than any other device. but this phone should not be categorized as a storm model. because the storm2 hasnt been out that long, so therefore rim is work on something complete different. the Storm Models should’NT! change to became a slider. but to be more of a an original storm type but thinner, faster an future upcoming OS ready proof. i really dont like the idea of this being named a storm”#” an im countin on rim employees to have an agreement and name this device differently.

    but this slider looks cool an it better not be the storm3

    • Yeah I agree – whilst I hate smartphones that use touch as the primary form of input, there are an awful lot of people that DO like them (you’ve only gotta look at the Apple iPhone range to see this!)…

      Therefore I agree with you – this device is (in my opinion) fantastic, but you need to keep it SEPARATE to the “Storm” series!

      THe way I see it is this – the “Bold” series for traditionalists who like a keyboard, the “Storm” series for those who prefer touch-based input and the “Whatever-they-choose-to-call-it” series for those who want the best of both worlds…

      Anyway, I’d buy a device like that shown above, but only if it’s thin and not too top-heavy (there’s nothing worse than trying to type on a Palm Pre-style device that is top-heavy!).

  4. I supsect its a fake, I somehow feel that somebody would have taken a better pic. Even so, the prospect of such a phone would definitely be something I’d buy into.

    Agreeing with other responses the pic seems to show the bold as a “top-heavy” phone.

    • Apparently there’s video “coming”, so we’ll know soon enough if it’s fake or not… I’ll tell you though, if this thing (and the video, when it’s made available) is fake, they’ve done a damn good job at it!

  5. Im not liking it one bit. Its outrageously fugley. And the palm pre and droid were the fugley KING and QUEEN, not beautifyl qwerty even stormy blackberry. Shelve this RIM.

  6. looks like a damn att samsung propel form factor not a pre pre is more of curved silder

  7. looks like a samsung!

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