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BBC Releases iPlayer – For UK Users via WiFi…

bbclogoThe BBC has just released their iPlayer application for BlackBerry which is pretty cool. The sad part is that it looks like the player is only useful for residents of the UK and it only streams over WiFi.

I cannot confirm that since I am not in the UK and cannot download the app… From what one of our readers told me this is because the BBC is paid for by UK taxes so it is only provided for UK residents. It does look like there is some good content there from their website so if you are in the UK what are you waiting for?

Download it OTA at

via IntoMobile

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  1. Unfortunately this is only for Bold 9700 and Storm 2 users – hopefully they extend this SOON. For those not in the know, it’s only UK as we pay for a TV license which funds the BBC (they don’t use any adverts/commercials).

  2. It’s not an app, but a shortcut to the mobile website and it has been available for a while…
    but still it’s good to spread the word 🙂 as it works very well for recorded programs (not so well for live streams)

  3. Their is an iPlayer app. It’s for Bold and Storm only…

  4. The shortcut works for me but only on GPRS and 3G, when I switch off Mobile and leave only Wifi on it complains that I am not in the UK.

    Anyone else seen that?

  5. Man, that sucks that it is only available in the UK. My wife is a British citizen, although she lives in the States with me), and she would love to be able to watch British content. We watch BBCAmerica, but the content is two years old. I just want to watch my “Doctor Who”.

  6. i havent tried the app links for blackberry, below is the mobile site for
    live BBC TV and Radio —–>

  7. “From what one of our readers told me this is because the BBC is paid for by UK taxes so it is only provided for UK residents”


    there’s an annual licensing fee levied on every homeowner that funds the BBC. as such, BBC programming has no commercial breaks, nor is scheduled programming available to people outside of the UK.

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