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Review & Giveaway: Smrtcase Glide

SmrtCase Glide
Price: $29.99
Availability: Blackberry tour and iPhone 3g/3gs
[rating: 10]

What is it? The Smrtcase Glide is simple yet ingenious, it is a protective phone case with a slot in the back to hold upto three cards. There is a thumb sized opening to the cards so you can slide out the top card from the back of the casing.
Giveaway is at the bottom of the article.

Both the Blackberry Tour case and the iPhone 3g/s case are minimalist. The tops and bottoms are completely open. The corners and sides are covered, with cutouts for the volume and audio ports. The backing stays close to the phone, which is good in that it keeps the normal shape of the phone. You have to put a clear sticker over the back of your phone before putting on the case.  The sticker both protects your phone from all the sliding, and produces less friction so the cards can slide in and out.  Since the back of the iPhone is funkily curved and the casing sits so close, cards that you slide into the back slot fit in easier if they are bendable like a metrocard.  I was able to slide in a harder drivers license, credit card and a flimsier metrocard.

Road test: I took the case out for a spin on the road. To test it on my daily routine, I packed the case with my metrocard and my office ID. Getting into the subway I imitated the promo shot and used my thumb to slide my metrocard halfway out of the case. I swiped my whole phone and then slid the card right back in with my thumb. Lucky for me, my office uses a proximity sensor to detect office IDs (meaning you place the id down on a sensor instead of swiping). So when I got to the office, all I had to do was place my phone down on top of the sensor and I was in. But let’s assume you had to get out and swipe your second card. First you would slide out the top metrocard, and then push out the second card with your thumb. If both cards are for swiping you might consider facing them in opposite directions so that you can slide one or both out halfway and swipe without any other manuevering.

Bottom line: A simple MULTI functional case that for some outings may eliminate the need to carry a seperate wallet altogether. For what it offers, the case is at a nice price point. It would make a great buy, or gift.

Note: We received a demo unit from the company in order to write this review.


  • Prize: Five Smrtcase glide cases. One per winner. Winner chooses color and Blackberry Tour or iPhone 3G model.
  • Terms: Because this is a physical item that needs to be shipped, this giveaway is restricted to those in the United States. Entries must be submitted by 11:59PM EST, March 4th, 2010. Read the rest of the terms here.
  • How to play: Below I will ask a question, answer that question in the comments section to this post using a valid name and email address. Multiple submissions are allowed provided you have different things to say. Once again, comments must be submitted by 11:59PM EST, March 4th, 2010.
  • Giveaway question: Are you planning on getting some type of tablet computer? discuss!
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  1. Oh, yeah. I have been giving some strong consideration. Was just reading up on the new HP EliteBook 2540p and 2740p model when I saw the posting. The HP Elitebook 2740p is first on my list, followed by the Lenovo ThinkPad X201t.

  2. Love to get one.. this would make a nice aniversary present for the Spouse’s iPhone 3GS..
    Wish they made somthing similar for the Blackberry 9700, so we could have matching cases…

    • BTW: Sorry just saw the question, and I have been using a Tablet PC since the Compaq TC 1100 days and now use Fujitsu Lifebook..
      Had the earlier Newton 120, then the 2000, iPhone 2G, and may get the iPad if the price is right (if Apple drops the base unit price down to under $300)

  3. I’ve been looking at the tablet PC’s. I have a Toshiba laptop and although I love the huge screen and what I can do with it, it is a chore to carry around. Something small, with a big hd, etc, would be great. Not sure about the Apple Ipad. It seems too similar to my itouch to need one. I would take a cover for my Tour.

  4. I currently own a Dell Mini 10, but do have plans on purchasing the iPad. The Dell is fine but the iPad has so much more to offer in a seemingly better design. In reality, it’s just the nuisances of Windows based PC’s thats iggin me. So yes, I will be purchasing a tablet PC this month hopefully.

  5. I don’t really like tablets. I like physical keyboards. So to answer the question – no, I’m not planning on getting a tablet pc.

  6. I am not planning on getting a tablet pc; unless it does phone calls/texting. If I could replace my smartphone with a smallish tablet/largish touchscreen phone – like an iPad/iPhone hybrid, I would consider it.

  7. I am currently using a HP notebook computer, so I will not be purchasing a tablet pc anytime soon. If my husband suprises me with a new tablet pc, then I would consider giving my HP to my eldest daughter.

  8. I am very much interested in a tablet, but as I am in general not a fan of any product from that fruit company (IMHO every product they offer is significantly over priced) I am unlikely to obtain an iPad (unless I can win one in a contest somewhere!).

  9. maybe this is user-friendly, but i can’t picture carrying this around – seems a bit large, prefer my bb anyday. between laptop and bb – that’s all i need

  10. No tablet. Don’t have a need for one. But there are alternatives, writing pad-things, which look to be cool.

  11. I just don’t see a reason to get one @ this point. I don’t know where it would fit into my need that my BB 9700, desktop, and laptop don’t already fill.

    Even if I didn’t have a laptop I think I would still be covered between my desktop and BB 9700. The only thing I think I would like about it would be the eReader part but I think I would rather have a Kindle or something that uses eInk.

    Maybe if I was a public transit commuter (for longer than 15-20 minutes) or a frequent flier it would make sense for just watching stuff en route every day but even there I don’t know that it is worth carrying the extra weight.

  12. I will not be getting a tablet. I want one of these!

  13. What thought and innovation. I agree that this is a great product.

    I was looking out for a mini but decided to hold off until I can compare the mini and an iPad and test both physically side by side. I am not necessarily an Apple fan but this one may be a winner in the tablet arena and put pressure on the mini market.

  14. i am honestly contemplating getting an Ipad. i mean i have been playing around an iTouch over the past 5 months and i am truly impressed by what it can do. Now do i need an iPad? probably not, am i going to stand in line and get one, NO. But possibly the 2nd or 3rd gen ipad… who knows

    i love these cases tho, my 9700 has been walking naked for so long now. i feel bad for her.


  15. thhis looks great the read up on this is amazing! may i have one please……?

  16. I can’t see using one given the size and lack of hard keyboard.

  17. Personally, I don’t see myself getting a tablet, at least not in the near future. For me it would be a luxury item, it would sit on the coffee table or kitchen counter for quick browsing or eBook/mag reading. However, I do think my parents would get more use out of one since they are both computer illiterate and a tablet would seem to be more user friendly.

  18. Probably not going to get a tablet. At least not anytime soon. I can wait for early adopters to work out the kinks, and for technology to make tablets a viable replacement for notebooks.

  19. No I am not planning to get a tablet.

    Reason #1: Still a new technology, so the cost would be high and features would be limited

    Reason #2: I love my setup of PC at home, EEE PC in class, and BlackBerry on the road. I don’t see myself writing down notes on a tablet versus a traditional keyboard (hence the reason I don’t have a iPhone but a BOLD

    Reason #3: I am worry about the screen technology for now…would the screen break after a certain period of time? Replacement of keyboard is less versus a LCD screen.

  20. We seriously thought about the iPad, but couldn’t wait a few months. I just bought my wife a netbook which perfectly suits her needs. I won’t be getting a tablet PC anytime soon.

    However, if I do win, I’d love the Midnight color for the Tour.

  21. cool, hope to get one

  22. I Really Need One………Thanks

  23. I might consider buying the ipad but I have to wait first on the reviews but it does look intrested

  24. No way a tablet computer.. I’m fine with my laptop and my BB.. Maybe a VAIO just to improve in design and quality but thats it!

  25. Yes, the ipad 2.0, with file system accesible! more like a full fledged computer i hope.

  26. [Note to editor: Email is valid – I create on-the-fly at my domain name ]

    I plan on getting an iPad as soon as I’ve saved up for it. My wife will probably get one first. We both have iPhones and use them all the time – even when at home and near our computers. Having a device in your hand that strips away a lot of the user-experience overhead of a full computer makes for a much more comfortable experience.

  27. Yes, I am looking at a tablet computers. If my resources were unlimited, I’d probably jump in right now. However, I think I will be ‘kicking tires’ for awhile and doing comparison shopping.

  28. Yes, I want one but just for try a new tech. Im geek, what can I say

  29. this would be great for my husband, he sure could use it!

  30. No I don’t plan on getting a tablet pc. I’m a college student so I need to type a lot with both hands free. A physical keyboard allows faster typing.

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