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Giveaway: 75 Unlock Codes from CarrierUnlock

ScreenHunter_01 Feb. 28 10.53 CarrierUnlock let us know that they have improved their website and turnaround time for their mobile phone unlocking service.  The turn around time can be anywhere from a few hours to a 24 hour depending on the Brand of cell phone you are trying to unlock. For BlackBerry devices the turnaround time is instant to 5 minutes.

The type of phones that can be unlock include BlackBerry, Fido, HTC, LG, Motorola, Rogers, Samsung USA, Sony Ericson, T-Mobile, TIM Brazil & AT&T devices.  For more specific devices check out their website for prices at

For this week they are running a promotion on their website for our readers using the code brpromo you can purchase a code for only $6.99 for the following carriers:  AT&T, T-Mobile USA, Verizon, Rogers, Cincinnati Bell, Centennial, and Cellular One. For other devices and carriers a $3.00 discount will be applied.

GIVEAWAY DETAILS: CarrierUnlock has offered a giveaway for 75 Codes for our readers for the following: Any BlackBerry Any Carrier World Wide . Simply leave a comment below in the comments section before Friday March 5th. The winners will be announced the following week.  Good luck and thanks to CarrierUnlock for sponsoring the giveaway.

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  1. I could use one for my new berry. Tmo has a policy limiting how quickly you can call in for one.

  2. Would like to get one…

  3. Oooh.. I want one of these 😉

  4. This is terrific! Wanted to unlock my VZW 9530 for quite awhile now. An unlock code would be very appreciated!

  5. Awesome. Telus won’t unlock my new Bold. This would come in handy. Good luck everyone.

  6. Sweet! Sign me up! :-)


  8. Wooo Hoooo!!!!

  9. Got a new Blackberry Tour, would love it unlocked!

  10. Would like to get one for my BB9700 with Bell Mobility…Thks!!!!!!!

  11. i want to unlock my 8520 pick me plz plz plz

  12. i want inlock my 8520 of telcel mexico your web page its cool thanks

  13. Got a Bold 9700, needs some fresh air!

  14. I would love to get my new bold 9700 unlocked. Tmo won’t unlock it before my next trip, so I hope I can win a code.

    Thank you for the contest!

  15. I would love to get my VZW BlackBerry Storm2 (9550) unlocked! Pick me, please?????

  16. I need one please….

  17. Great to have

  18. Always wanted to unlock a phone.

  19. I need one. Just got a replacement & it needs to be set free.

  20. Sounds like a great prize !

  21. I love to get a unlock code

  22. I would love an unlock code for BlackBerry storm2 9550 from Verizon

  23. Sweet, I would love an unlock code for my Blackberry 9700 on T-Mobiel USA network

  24. cool. I could get a use of the unlock code the 9700.

  25. I’ll give it another shot. Thanks again for offering this to a loyal following.

  26. Need for my 8900!

  27. Hopping to have better luck here than I do over at CB!
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  28. just send me 1

  29. Here’s my entry. Good luck everybody!

  30. Thanks for the offering! I could really need 1 now!!!

  31. Yes please!


  33. Sounds great, need one for my Bold

  34. thanks… 😀

  35. would love to score an unlock.. thanks

  36. to have my 9700 unlocked for free would be true awesomeness.

  37. I could sure use this tried two places so far and they can’t seem to do it.. Please help.

  38. one for me please!

  39. I wanna win

  40. That will be absolutely fab can’t wait to be a lucky winner.

  41. Nice contest!

  42. would love to finally be able to unlock my storm 9530

  43. Thanks Carrier Unlock! Hope I win one!

  44. I will love to unlock my Bold Thanks! :)

  45. Looking forward to being one of the lucky winners. I would love to unlock my Storm 2.

  46. Need one for my 8900!

  47. sign me up please!

  48. Would love to win an unlock code for my blackberry. Thanks!

  49. Good Luck.

  50. Another very generous giveaway 😀 A big thanks to BerryReview, CarrierUnlock, and other sponsors that make it happen!

  51. My Tour needs to be unlocked badly!

  52. Iwould like to win an unlock please.

  53. Please unlock me carrier unlock. Free me from the overages of tmobile. Pleeeease

  54. I would like this code for my bold.


  56. Perfect for my newly acquired bold!

  57. count me in

  58. love to have my blackberry bold 9700 unlocked.

  59. Ill take one to free up my 9700 and use it over seas, thx 😀

  60. I’d love a code!

  61. If I could unlock my bb it would be so cool, not to mention save me money and time! Didn’t know it’s got potential to be done so fast! Fingers crossed!

  62. I would love an unlock code please for my 9700.

  63. Good luck to everyone, but save 1 for me!

  64. I would love an unlock code for my 8220.

  65. I would love a lock code for my Bold 9700, so i can use it over seas . THANKS !

  66. It would be very cool to unlock my 9700 so I can pass it to my wife, let her experience what it’s like to use a top of the line blackberry! :)

    Actually, you know what, scratch that.. I would love to unlock my AT&T Pantech Duo. So far non of the unlock service providers was unable to get an unlock code for it…

  67. I’d love one for a BB 8120..

  68. Great news!! I wish I could be a WINNER!!

  69. Oooooh do want :) Post 72 so far… good odds 😉

  70. in for one =) yayyy and thank you

  71. I hope I get one!

  72. I need this bad! Unlock Me!

  73. I could really use one of these codes for my new BB.

  74. Need to unlock my ATT device – can’t stand the lovely service

  75. would love to unlock my 9630 by Verizon. thanks.

  76. Unlocking the new Blackberry would be fantastic!

  77. I’d love a copy for my Bold 9700!

  78. Unlock my Storm for me please.

  79. This seems like a super easy way to get phones unlocked.

  80. I’ve got at least 3 phones that need unlocking. Count me in!

  81. Sure would love to unlock my Tour so I can give it to my sister.

  82. Dibbs

  83. oh please give me one… i really need my 9700 unlocked…. please and thank you

  84. Will this work on Verizon Storm?
    I need to have it unlocked..


  85. I could stand to have my Storm2 9550 unlocked for travel.

  86. An unlock code would make my Tour perfect!

  87. Would love to receive a code to unlock my 8900

  88. I’d love a code :)

  89. My blackberry storm 9350 needs to be unlocked PLEASE!!!!

  90. I would LOVE for my BlackBerry Storm 9350 to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be unlocked!!!

  91. An unlock code would be fantastic

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