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FileScout 1.6.3 Goes Free & Commercial With Email Archiving & More

Storm03 Matthias let us know that he has released version 1.6.3 of the very popular FileScout file manager for BlackBerry. The app used to be donationware but with this release he has introduced a new commercial/free model. There is now a free version with limited functionality and a paid version that is going for $4.99 on sale until March 15th when it goes up to a reasonable $6.99. You can see a comparison between the paid and free version at this link.

The new version 1.6.3 adds some serious new functionality including the ability to archive email to your SD card along with search enhancements and the ability to see a map of your drive usage. You can find the full change log after the jump:

  • FileScout comes now in two Versions:
    • 100% free FileScoutLite Version with the core functionality:
      • File system browser for your BlackBerry® (including hidden files)
      • Create directories, copy, move, rename, or delete files
      • Copy and delete complete directory structures
      • Show details for files & directories [modification date, is hidden, etc…]
      • Open all media files (supported by your BlackBerry®)
      • Text Viewer (e.g. for ini, xml, etc.)
      • Zip-Archive handling
    • Full FileScout Version which requires a ‘Registration Code’ with the additional features:
      • File Search
      • Thumbnail display for images
      • Image manipulation
      • Text Editor
      • Send files via eMail/Bluetooth
      • eMail Archive function
      • Playlist creation
      • Favorite-Directory handling
      • Directory Tree navigation (Goto…)
      • AutoUpdate check
      • Support via eMail

      Before you purchase your copy of FileScout make use of the 14 day trial period.

  • Autocheck for available updates (every 7 days) – never miss a new version of FileScout – could be disabled in the options
  • Search dialog improvements:
    • A running Search can be canceled
    • Support for deletion of files from the Search Result list (also via [DEL]-Key)
    • Selection via [SHIFT] + Nav UP|DOWN
  • Thumbnail Generation optimization: Specify directories that should be excluded from the Thumbnail persistence
  • eMail Archive function:
    • Directly from the BlackBerry® Message Application you can select an eMail and store it’s content (incl. all meta data) to a previously specified directory of your device (e.g. on your SDSCard). FileScout then will create a substructure (YEAR, MONTH, DAY) and store the eMail with all data that is accessible via RIM’s API in one folder per message.
    • Additionally to the raw data of the message FileScout can create a rendition of the Message – either in HTML or in plain text depending on the message format. These files then can be opened anytime – no matter if the original message is still present on your device or not.
    • Download of external images of HTML-Messages [incl. an option to force transfer via the devices TCP (instead of using your BES connection)]
    • ‘Reply/Reply All’ from FileScout to an archived message (plain text messages will be quoted)
    • Known issues (caused of limitations in RIM’s API):
      • Most attachments of an eMail can’t be stored in the eMail-Archive (FileScout will give you a warning for all attachments that can’t be retrieved through the API).
      • HTML-eMails: Not all (or probably all) of the embedded images are accessible (FileScout will give you a warning for all attachments that can’t be retrieved through the API).
      • When using the option ‘Use MessageApp to show eMails that have been archived with FileScout’:
        • HTML-eMails can’t be created with the BlackBerry® Message composer that’s why they can’t be restored in the BlackBerry® Message Application
        • PlainText-eMails that have larger content can’t be created with the BlackBerry® Message composer. The API will give you a warning that the message have been truncated.
      • Even if the API offers methods to request all missing content for a message from the Server – sometimes the result is different when you use ‘More All’ from the BlackBerry® MessageApplication for a message or let FileScout request the missing portions. It was very frustrating to get no way around that within the FileScout code, so the recommendation is to use ‘More All’ from the Message Application before you use the ‘Archive with FileScout’ function. This might be related to the BES configuration.
  • Drive Usage Map:
    • Display for each root of your device the disk space usage across its structure. For each directory you will get the following information:
      • Disk usage of the current directory (only if the current directory contains files)
      • Number of files in the current directory (only if the current directory contains files)
      • Disk usage of the directory including all it’s sub directories (only if any sub directory contain files)
    • Delete directories (including sub structures)
    • Open a directory from the tree structure
    • Known issues:
      • No horizontal scroll for Storm & Storm2
  • New Editor Option: ‘Autobackup on Save’
    If enabled in the options FileScout will create a backup each time of the current file when a save is performed in the integrated text editor.
  • The TextEditor will show a [*] once the text is modified
  • All Tree Dialogs [‘DriveUsage’ & ‘Go to directory’] now support two additional key shortcuts:
    • [T]: Go to the (t)op of the tree
    • : Go to the (b)ottom of the tree
  • Thumbnail display can make use of the BlackBerry® device generated thumbnails that are stored in the ‘BBThumbs.dat’ files (when available). This implies the following restrictions:
    • Device generated thumbnails might not support AlphaLayers (transparency issues)
    • thumbnail might not match orientation of the original image
    • Not supported for devices running OS5.x.
  • File Details Dialog will show original image width & height in pixel (when information is available from the thumbnail cache)

What’s fixed?

  • .amr files will be shown as supported audio files
  • Selection of BBThumbs.dat files via [SPACE]-Key
  • Fix for thumbnail display for images with with extreme ratios
  • Fixes in background process for detecting new directories and sub structures
  • Intend for all tree displays adjusted (now the display looks way more like a tree)
  • Storm(2) & Bold(2) OS5 fixes (e.g. for recursive search or folder details)
  • General display adjustments for Storm & Storm2 (higher columns in all trees and lists).
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  1. I have been following this app for about a year now — I supported Matthias under the donationware model, and I never regretted it. It just continues to get better with every release! Definitely worth every penny!

  2. I really do appreciate all the work that was done on this app but it should be mentioned that with OS5, there appears to be a basic yet useful “Files” app which provides the native functionality we’ve always been waiting for.

    • I have not yet moved to OS v5.0 because Big Red (Verizon) is way behind the curve. 😉

      That being said, the BlackBerry OS has always contained an extremely limited explorer function — prior to OS v5.0, it was “hidden” within the Media app (i.e., Explore from the menu within the Media app). The Files app appears to make access to this capability more accessible. I understand that OS v5.0 also adds the ability to access or manipulate networked files within a BES environment, but this is the only big change with OS v5.0 that I am aware of as far as native file exploration. I suggest that you try the free or trial version of FileScout — I am sure that you will be pleasantly surprised!

  3. This app gives the ability to set a directory as “hidden,” which makes it possible to hide a videos from the BB media player. The trick is to place those videos in the folder, hide the folder, and then change the folder name. This makes them disappear from the BB video listing. Yet the hidden videos can still be played by accessing them from FileScout.

    I also donated to this project about a year ago, and have been amazed at the functions that are regularly added.

  4. Sonasoft has an excellent email archiving product called SonaVault
    You can get more info on thier products page
    and even download it here

    • SonaVault appears to be a server-based archival product — not a fair comparison as this is a completely different arena from FileScout’s newly added functionality.

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