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What is This “Send To Online Album” Option?

BlackBerry-Send-To Online-Album

I was sending the team a video of the snow out here in NYC yesterday and ran into a option I have never seen on my BlackBerry before. When you record a video over 2MB and then click the email icon you will see an option that says “Send to Online Album.” I tried recording a smaller video and that option disappeared and instead it said “Send to MMS.” I tried sending the video to this so called “Online Album” and got an error message that the size was too large though it still took me to a weird message composition screen. I tried sending the message and it failed.

BlackBerry-Send-To Online-Album3 BlackBerry-Send-To Online-Album2

Anybody have any clue what this option does? This is on a AT&T BlackBerry Bold 9700. Do you have the same option on your BlackBerry? Does it work?

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  1. It’s for T-Mobile back up services. I noticed it when I bought my 8520 from T-Mobile to use on Rogers…once my Rogers SIM was inserted it went away as it’s just a service book vpl.

  2. Odd you found it on an AT&T device though…unless of course you’re running a leaked OS of frequent sliding a T-Mob SIM in your device.

    • I thought in the beginning it was because at one point I had a T-Mobile 9700 with the same BES activation. But then I tried it on my brothers 9700 and it also did the same thing and he is running the stock 9700 AT&T OS. Its super weird…

  3. I had the exact same thing happen on my Verizon Storm 9530 running .419

  4. I tested it on tmobile 9700 with BES and nothing similar only other thing I could think it be a picture vidoe sharing 3rd party app but who knows. Maybe a twitter app but not likely.

  5. I tested on a 9700 TMobile BIS and didn’t have that option. I also have UberTwitter, Seesmic and Twitter for BlackBerry (at one time, also TweetGenius and SocialScope) all installed and still never had that pop up.

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