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Leaked OS for BB Bold 9000 and 8900

Secret Agent 7545 just dropped us a gift for all of you 9000 and 8900 users. A new BlackBerry OS Version




You can pick up the 9000 at this link:

The 8900 at this link:

I have not tested this myself let us know in the comments what you like and don’t like about this new OS. Posting from mobile if some one would like to download and load to mega upload to get alternative links it would be highly appreciated.

Warning: Remember this is a leaked OS not an official OS. Install at your own risk.
If you like to learn how to install a non official OS follow the steps at this link: OS Installation Guide

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  1. Someone upload to Megaupload please! RS sucks as h3ll!

  2. Yes please need 8900 link in a reliable location 🙂

  3. Bold 9000 OS – MEGAUPLOAD LINK!!!!! <<< ITS SUPER FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ENJOY!!! 🙂

  4. Thanks for the alternate links guys

  5. so.. is the lock button on the top working yet?

  6. Anyone tested pin? How ? Comparission with OS

  7. I’ve been using it now for not quite half a day. The biggest thing I’ve noticed is the keyboard lock function. (A*) is now how you lock the keys. Press and hold it in to lock it. The screen will then fade to black and lock. To unlock it you have to hit the Mute key at the top. As a Bold owner we all know that mute key works only sometimes and is hard to press in the first place.

    My memory went from 25MB to 42MB and has settled down at 37MB. I can’t comment on battery life yet, but I did a full charge last night so we’ll see how it does today. Maybe they fixed the battery issue going all the way down when you re booted.

    • So I noticed with this locking method phone will no longer lock automatically when put into holster is this true for you also?

    • Also there are no more lock icons for any themes now I noticed that I download or I have.

    • Also do you notice when you want to delete a message or go to options that the lettering is large except when you click on the command then you see the full word whether to delete it will say delet but when you high light it it will say delete.

    • Also I just noticed then when you lock the phone A* and put it in the holster and remove phone it automatically unlocks the phone.

    • They should make holster lock phone automatically and when you take it out unlock it automatically like it does now but you have to lock it manually first A*.

    • When you put phone into holster it seems to lock itself when you take it out it is unlocked automatically without hitting any keys.

  8. Here is the 8900 Version of BlackBerry OS Version

  9. How about any 8900 users?

    The lock button at the top..

  10. Hi. Newbie here. Can someone explain how I download and install the update? Do i download to PC then use the desktop manager to install??

  11. does anyone know how to install this new OS using a mac? is it the same as using a PC?

  12. Battery life has greatly improved in this release. My battery doesn’t drop when I re-boot and it seems to stay charged a lot longer. Plus, my memory is holding up better too. Still in the high 30s instead of the 20s like with the last release I had. Seems to be holding there too.

  13. May I know this leaked version have Chinese language modules?
    Thanks in advance.

  14. Hi, does it works with BB desktop (I mean sync) ? I tried (I think) and synchronization did not work.

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