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Giveaway: 50 Copies of A Music Player Skins & Relaxing Tunes

screenshot_2 DawnSun Technologies LLC let us know they recently released a Music player with custom Skins. If you don’t like the looks of your BlackBerry music player you should check out this application.

Description & Features:

Tired with same music player interface…. A Music Player Skins for your handheld offers to enjoy music with variety of beautiful & feature rich music players. Application is not just playback music but also has other desired features along beautiful user interface.
Make your music player HOT or COOL as you want by customizing “Transi” skin with your favorite picture from photo gallery. Sleep timer to stop player after set duration.

Application Features:

  • – Five beautiful music player skins.
  • – Meditation and relaxation tunes.
  • – Customize skin “Transi” with your favorite picture
  • – Sleep timer to stop player after set duration.
  • – Every skin has full music player features
  • – Full access to music library
  • – Make playlists of your favorite songs
  • – Change skin while playing music
  • – Auto-pause & resume when a call comes in
  • – Play Back songs, while working on other apps

A music player is on sale for $2.99 until Feb. 28 regular price at $3.99 at this link


screenshot_1 DawnSun Technologies LLC also have several different apps in their catalog including:

Facial Yoga & Facelift


Facial yoga is the exercises of face based on yogic rules. These exercises (more than 85 exercises) are classified for various parts of the face. Facial exercises help in facelift that can tone and smooth face skin. Another significant point about yoga facial is that it’s available with nominal cost and can restore your youthful look without any plastic surgery or injections. All you need approximately 10-15 minutes daily to do facial exercises. The facial exercising will tighten your sagging skin.
These face exercises are designed to tone up all the 57 muscles of the face and neck that can increase blood circulation and release tension (removing stress), restoring a radiant, youthful and glowing look. Exercises are illustrated with animated video, pictures, description and mediating music of your choice. View each of these exercises with its true name, description and a note of benefits. Facial Yoga is your own personal trainer.
For the ease of learning Facial Yogic Exercises are classified on following specific face parts and problems.

  • Facial Yoga@MUST
  • Eyes
  • Sexier Lips
  • Chubby Fat Cheeks
  • Forehead stretches
  • Neck & Throat
  • Nose , Mouth & Tongue
  • Double Chin & Jaws
  • Wrinkles control
  • Fatty Face
  • Yoga for facelift & face toning
  • Face Massage

Giveaway Details: The giveaway is for 50 Music Skin player, Leave comment below whether you love or hate the Stock Music player on your BB.  Giveaway will run until Monday midnight Eastern US Time.

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  1. Great to have

  2. Hate it! It’s boring, but utilitarian.

  3. I hate the stock music player on my BB because it can’t play mixed albums properly. When you’re playing a mix from a DJ that has multiple tracks, it put a small gap between each track and ruins the mix.

  4. I use my stock media player everyday to play music to keep me occupied in my less then busy store through a stereo gateway. I love the stock player because its easy to use, and it does what its supposed to do: Play muisc.

    I do agree that its very boring looking and plain, but it does what I need it do. I do hate the little things it does, like crashing and volume going from super low to super loud, (I think that could be 5.0 though.) but I still come back to the stock player after trying 3rd party players… But i’d like to try it out and maybe I’d be proven wrong… lol

  5. Hate the stock music player. Would love to win this cool app!!

  6. I would love to try it!

  7. stock BB player is so generic. Would love to win.

  8. Kinda indifferent about the stock player. I don’t do anything with it other than hit play, next, and stop, so it gets the job done. But I’d love to try a better one!.

  9. Music skins look fantastic, would be great to get one!

  10. Let’s see…how about plain and simple. Yawn!

  11. Free copy please :)

  12. Pretty Please!

  13. Stock music player blows. Very tricky to FF and FR.

  14. The stock music player is alright – I dont play media to all that much but it was be nice to have a diff look

  15. the stock player is functional…not fun. i’d love to win this and give it a whirl and a review :)

  16. Not the worst player I’ve seen but not great.

    Dislike if forced…

  17. i love the 9700 stock player cos it plays flac!
    however, it doesn’t have ‘sort by folder’ which makes it quite a must to have mp3 tagged accurately

  18. i dont mind it, but it is getting boring…these skins would spice it up!

  19. i hope i win this one! :)

  20. Absolutely love it. Finally something for bb

  21. Finallyyyy we have a great app for bb. Awaiting it since me pearl

  22. The stock player … ummm … not much to say!

  23. I wouldn’t say I HATE the RIM player, but it is sorta blah.

  24. I don’t hate the native player but a
    sleep time will Super nice!

  25. I just love what it says

  26. Even though BB’s are becoming more consumer-centric, the music player interface is BORING! I’d love to have this to spice things up!!

  27. pretty cool would lve to win this

  28. I will love to have a copy, Thanks again and always for all the great contest.

  29. I hate the stock player on the blackberry. It could def use some sprucing up!

  30. let make it look more and more like WinAmp

  31. A twist to the Blackberry media is always welcome. Count me in!

  32. Worth a shot

  33. thank you~

  34. The stock player…kinda boring and outdated like the browser. This app looks very cool and I would love to have it and the meditation music with it will be very relaxing to help my get to sleep…something I need BAD!

  35. Want one.

  36. The stock BB player is kinda blah.

  37. Hate it! It always crashes! I cant believe RIM would go cheap on an media player!

  38. I love them! I havent met one I didnt like to date. I like some more than others…depending on features…if they crash, no big deal, I just restart them. Having music available everyone? what is not good about that???? would love a copy too!

  39. I personally don’t mind the Blackberry Media player… I think it could use an update, but I generally set mine on shuffle and forget about it. the lack of flashy stuff on the screen isn’t a deal breaker for me. I am listening to my music… not watching it play! 😉 if ya know what I mean!

  40. I hate’s quite boring..I think I need something new just like this..I hope I win this time.. :)

  41. Wow, I want to have this in my 9700. Please count me in!

  42. This will look awesome on my bb9700. The BB media player is so blah blah

  43. I think the stock music player is ok but way too basic considering the other options out there. RIM should make more of an effort…

  44. BB needs a better media player

  45. I don’t love or hate it! :$

  46. Hate the BB music player. I’d love a copy.thanks!

  47. The stock needs some pizzazz, man. Gimme some lovin’! ;^)

  48. would love to have this.

  49. Looks like an app I would stick with. I like something that’s different and stands out.

  50. I Hope I Get A Copy

  51. Wow, it’s certainly prettier than the standard one, and that deserve some love!

  52. and the winner is RuBCaL

  53. great application…
    count me in..

  54. very nice. the stock player is ok, although somewhat bland.

  55. like it !thanks

  56. Like BB Media Player, but do not love it.

    Have not found a perfect media player yet. All have some shortfalls, would be interested to check this one out.

  57. por favor

  58. Wow. I’ve never seen this before, but it looks really cool.

    Do I hate the stock music player? Yes. I don’t even bother use it. It’s so crappy so I stick with slacker, even though I have an 8gb micro sd and could hold a bunch of songs.

  59. Sure I’d like to have this…

  60. Sweet app, always want to give my Curve a new look to be a bit more casual look. Definitely want to give it a try.

  61. absolutely love to have a new look on my player!

  62. Hate the stock player. The controls just aren’t precise enough and it has no style

  63. I don’t care for the stock music player. Its so basic and bland. I’d love to try the A Music Player

  64. I currently use os 4.5 on my 8820 and as you all know, its oooooold. Its my main mp3 and I love my “old” blackberry but it would do nice with a skin make over. Thanks berryreview for this great contest, please help me out guys. Lol.

  65. please pick me. thanks a lot

  66. I don’t care for the stock player, mostly because it is ‘clunky’ to navigate. This one sounds awesome! Hope I get it!

  67. Sweet for sure. Hate native music player. This would look awesome on my New Bold. Fingers crossed. Good luck everyone.

  68. Dont play me with a plain player. I am the Original Player. Please hook me up so I can feel special!

  69. ILike it, verry 9 thanks berryreview

  70. Count me in =)

  71. Fantastic app.can’t wait to be a winner. Thanks

  72. It could be a lot better.

  73. Mine drives me crazy!!! Never listen to my music because of it!!

  74. Cool, I would love this, please pick me for a free giveaway, thanks. Cheers

  75. Fantastic can’t wait to be a lucky winner. Thanks

  76. Give my media player some flavor please!

  77. looks very nice i would like this very cool

  78. Well, I’ll join into the fray then..

  79. I hate the Stock Music player on my BB.

  80. I think the built in music player is boring. I hate it! This looks very cool!

  81. Wow, Excellent please enter me :)

  82. This is cool. Thanks for the contest.

  83. Cool application. Count me in on this!

  84. I hate my music player (Storm 1). Your app looks great. Please include me on the list.

    Thanks in advance for contest :-)

  85. I would love to win

  86. Please choose me…I do not like the stock player that came with my BB.

  87. i’m here for the win! :) Skin me up, BerryReview….please :)

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