FCC Hopes To Free 500Mhz of Wireless Spectrum for Broadband

Problems-solutions The FCC is gearing up for presenting their National Broadband Plan to Congress in March. In a speech this week chairman Julius Genachowski announced that the FCC plans on moving their plan forward by facilitating the release of 500Mhz of wireless spectrum for broadband. This is nowhere near what wireless carriers have asked for which was 800Mhz but its getting there. I think 500Mhz is more than what they have today.

The FCC plans on doing this by providing facilitating auctions where existing wireless spectrum owners can choose to sell their rights and get a portion of the auction price. I am not sure how they will convince current owners to voluntarily sell their spectrum but hopefully they will figure that out.

Its nice to see that they have a lofty goal in mind but some industry analysts think the FCC needs to be doing more.

via FCC via CIO.com

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  1. If you like to listen to live music or goto live events be very concerned with this action. A vast amount of wireless microphones use this patch of frequency. If you were at a concert and someone would jump on the same frequency as the wireless microphone, a piercing amount of noise will come out of those speakers. It is my opinion that the FCC should leave this bandwidth free to be used by the live pro audio market. I know the pro audio side doesn’t have billions of dollars to buy bandwidth but I think the wealthy politicians and corporations will be concerned that they won’t be able to do speeches anymore with wireless lav mics either.

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