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Free FlashOn Flashlight App from ShaoSoft

flashon I am loving ShaoSoft today. They just released a FREE (like beer) application called FlashOn for BlackBerry. It uses the built in Camera/Video LED light to imitate a flashlight with just your BlackBerry. This is such a groundbreaking technology that some think it might actually be patentable.

If you want a free flashlight application just head to this link in the store to download FlashOn free. Thanks Tashanna for sending this one and kudos to BBSites for spotting it.

From the description:

FlashOn uses the built in video camera light, the front LED and the screen to create the a customized Flashlight.
INSTRUCTIONS: First set all application permissions to Allow. You can do this from the Blackberry Options screen under Applications. Press any key during the start up to bring up the options screen (on Storm device press MENU/BB button). From the options screen you can set the color of the front LED (or turn it off). You can also have FlashOn cover up the video camera screen when running. If you are having issues with the cover up try increasing the delays, as well ensure all application permissions are set to allow.


  • Set colour of front LED
  • Set colour of screen
  • Use video camera light
  • Customize the duration of the light
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  1. Awesome… Going to try this ASAP. Thanks.

  2. FREE. Awesome. Thanks again guys.

  3. Woohoo! I’ve been waiting for something like this.

  4. Apparently I have been infringing on that patent for a while. I have my right-side convenience key set to Video Recorder, and leave the camera light on, so when I need a flashlight, i just hit my convenience key. I have to move the scroll ball around every once in a while or the camera/screen turn off, but this app seems to do the exact same thing without turning off the screen and camera light. 🙂

  5. I been doing the Same thing for a while buT this is best option 🙂

  6. I struggle with WHY an app that does such a simple thing needs to have such permissive security settings??? Plus now your “video light” is going to be on every time you use the video recorder unless you remember to turn it off each time you’re recording video and don’t need the light (so as not to kill the battery so fast), and then turn it back on when you’re done. I think Derek’s solution is the best as it does essentially the same things and has the same caveats, but doesn’t require an app and doesn’t require mucking with security settings.

    • I can be a little paranoid when it comes to my device security. I left the permissions alone, all except for the following changes:
      Connections-USB: Deny
      Connections-BlueTooth: Deny
      Interactions-Cross Application Communication: Deny
      Interactions-Device Settings: Prompt
      Interactions-Media: Prompt
      Interactions-Application Management: Deny
      Interactions-Themes: Deny
      Interactions-Input Simulation: Deny
      User Data-(ALL): Deny

      After making the changes and rebooting, the app stopped working, so I just deleted it. I suppose if you aren’t paranoid about your phone, this is a very handy app, but why does a flashlight app need permissions to my email?

  7. Does work on T-Mo 8900, but does not work on Sprint Tour. On the Tour the video camera starts but the flash never comes on. Checked flash settings in the camera and it is set to Automatic. Anyone got this to work on the Tour?

    • I have a Sprint Tour, and although the app worked for me, I didn’t need it. I set my right-side convenience key to the Video Camera (not Camera), and in the Video Camera settings, I have the Video Light set to On. So instead of clicking an icon for the FlashOn app, I just hit the right-side convenience key, regardless of what is on the screen or if an app is already open. I use this a lot, so it works great for me.

      Also, this app basically just does the same thing I described above. I don’t believe the Flash settings on the Camera app matter, as it uses the Video Light feature (should be set to On) of the Video Camera app.

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