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AT&T Made Me Want to Cry Yesterday…

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  1. I get this message multiple times a week.. Have to do a hard reset to be able to make a call.

  2. That would drive me crazy I never seen it before but I guess both att and tmobile have decent coverage here where I live.

  3. Weird. Did you try Nyquil?

  4. Wow. Yeah, never seen that, that’s for real?

    On Verizon, if the CDMA cellular is “congested” you just get a fast busy when you try to dial. Once we have Skype we’ll be able to go out over EV-DO for calls if ever the CDMA is too clogged.

    • CDMA benefits a lot from voip, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they start pushing it really hard along with unlimited data plans down the road. They could ideally merge the phone plan costs towards the data plan and get more calls through the data channel on the same bandwidth (and it solves the voice + data at the same time issue).

  5. see that almost everyday on my Bold 9700

  6. I’m on ATT with a Bold 9000 but have never seen that message.

  7. Welcome AT&T to T-Mo’s sucky congested network!

    Stay away from T-Mo.

    • Well that isn’t the greatest explanation. I’ve been with Tmo for the last 4 yrs and I could say I’ve the best experience with them. Name the company and I’ve been with them. Whether is the high price, the voice quality or whatever the reason is I ended up with t-mo. I guess it all depends what you want, like, need on a wireless network.

    • Never seen this msg with T-Mo, ever! Very happy with T-Mo

  8. I only see that message on holidays or during any kind of major event.

  9. I am on 9700 with AT&T, I never saw this message but my calls drop EVERY day, I can never carry a comfortable conversation with anyone, and at home, forget about it. I regret moving to AT&T from T-Mobile SO MUCH. My wife’s 8900 can get full bars, great reception and voice quality without a single dropped call, while at the exact same spot AT&T fails, both data and voice…

  10. Oh… I see this every once in a while.

    I’m using a Bold 9000 on Singapore’s SingTel network. My wife uses a 9700 also on SingTel but she’s yet to see CONGESTION.

    *shameless plug*

  11. All the iPhone users hogging the bandwidth.

  12. lol. I get this all the time with my Telus 9700 – and sometimes with my Rogers 8900… just turn off/on and its all good 🙂

  13. thanks

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