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Could Phones – Not Bandwidth be the Problem?

babyeatingfoot Since the iPhone came out over 2 years ago I have been blaming it for crippling AT&T’s network. While AT&T is going to great lengths to fix the issue Chris Foresman has a different angle on why carriers are having their network bogged down by smartphones. He found this out when he spoke to an O2 UK employee who was explaining why they were having issues with supporting the iPhone. He explained that the inability to make calls or initiate data connections was not a problem of bandwidth but rather a whole other beast.

The first issue the engineer explained was that the Power Saving features in the iPhone which terminates the data connection every time that it is idle to save battery. From what Chris explains every time the iPhone needs a data connection it creates one and then tears it down. Cell nodes create these channels and then become overloaded by the influx of connections from one device. The truth of the matter is that Android and webOS devices do the same thing so I guess I may be wrong in only blaming the iPhone.

If you are interested in this kind of thing I highly recommend checking out the Arstechnica article.

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  1. But if that were true, that the Power Saving features of the iPhone are a major cause, why does a BlackBerry last oh so much longer on a charge than does a iPhone? I can use my Storm (as long as Viigo isn’t running) and my Tour all day for a good two business days of use, not a snowball’s chance you could do that with an iPhone.

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