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Poynt v1.5.3.14 Refines Features & Look

poynt-screencap Tom let use know that Poynt has updated their application to version recently. Sadly they did not include a change log with the release but Tom managed to drum one up from the features he noticed:

  • Navigation (as opposed to map only) from current location to destination using BlackBerry Maps
  • Date/time stamps for fuel prices
  • Ability to turn weather on/off
  • New interface (released for non-touchscreen devices with v1.5.2.36) now available for Storm/Storm2 (according to another forum post)

So far it does not look like the new version is available directly from Poynt OTA but you can find it in App World here.

When I was at CES Poynt was kind enough to send me some pictures of their “CrackBoard” which I have been looking for a reason to post. 🙂 They created this really cool application internally that shows the current usage stats for Poynt in real time and shows you what topic users are searching for on what carrier. Really kind of cool… Still see if you can spot your little dot on the map!

crackboard1 crackboard2

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  1. It is now available on their site directly!!

  2. If the previous version appears, you may need to Refresh the Browser… 😉

  3. Sadly the fuel prices are still not available in Canada in the newest version but it’s still a great app.

  4. I noticed that change to map a route, but I wish they would link the search results to a real nav program like Telenav or Garmin. THAT would be useful!

  5. Hello Poynt users,

    Here is the changelog for this version (fyi Poynt does actually integrate with Telenav. Click on a search result and select “Map Route”, telenav should be an option if you have it installed):

    – Fixed routing issues with BB Maps and VZNavigator. Telenav issues fixed. Note that routing with BB Maps will not work with some versions of the OS due to a bug in BB Maps.

    – Fixed mapping issues with Google Maps.

    – Added carousel UI for Storm and Storm2.

    – Added ability to reverse the axis on carousel for non-touch devices

    – Option to deactivate weather

    – “Don’t show this again” checkbox on gps notifications

    – Gas prices include last updated time and date

    – Using 5.0 snap scrolling where available

    – Animation improvements

    – GPS chip will power down when poynt is in the foreground and the backlight has been off for 2.5 minutes to save power

    – GPS improvements for users on 5.0

    – IllegalStateException on startup resolved due to a bug on some OS versions when registering with the message list for movie ticket receipts

    – Weather caching held for 30 minutes on same location to avoid having to reload weather on startup.

    – Issue with having to go through setup more than once resolved

    – Other minor bug fixes and tweaks

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