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Apple Kicks Out More iPhone Apps (5000) Than BlackBerry App World Has…

appworldI was reading an article on ZDnet by Larry Dignan where he got RIM on the record saying they now have more than 5,000 applications in the BlackBerry App World. I thought this was pretty impressive considering the fact that they only had 2,000 back in July of last year. Maybe the addition of themes into App World explains the difference but that is still a step in the right direction.

What really struck me was when I read an report on MobileCrunch over the weekend that Apple has banned over 5,000 previously approved applications from the iPhone App Store. These applications were all pulled because they contain questionable content like Wobble iBoobs. That means that in one fell swoop Apple has kicked out more applications from their App Store than RIM has in App World. The craziest part is that there is no alternative to the App Store since you cannot install apps from other websites or stores like you can on BlackBerrys.

This just makes me glad that RIM is not as draconian as Apple when it comes to a “Walled Garden” approach to smartphone platforms. RIM is still pretty annoying about approving and declining applications but they are saints compared to Apple.

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  1. Well getting rid of 5000 crappy apps does not hurt anybody – but for sure in AppWorld also not everything is “gold”…

  2. What that saying “quality not quantity” ok so iphone has 5000 app more than BlackBerry, but when was the last time you used your phone as a spirit level?? or any of the thousands of pointless apps haha. I also agree with the last post, app world isn’t gold but atleast BlackBerry are aware of that their brand relates to communication and are not trying to develop a toy lol

  3. Very true. RIM is going for quality apps with their pitiful “Super Apps” mission. Still its a shame that Apple has that many more developers that it can afford to easily kick out more apps than RIM even has!

  4. No surprise, since Apple has a mass-market appeal that RIM certainly does not. Broader audience = more crap in general and more devs. No way around that.

  5. Blackberry App Store isn’t impressive enough when 1,000 of the apps are actually themes…those aren’t apps! They’re really only have about 4000…in which most are paid apps that are overpriced.

  6. Iphone gets rid of 5K apps, they have another 20K garbage apps to get rid of. Can’t believe Apple says it has 25K apps and 3B downloads when most of it is BS apps (ifart, etc.). Name a quality app on iphone and I bet it exists on the BB or is

  7. I am just waiting to get ondevice gps apps that don’t require data

  8. 5,000 “applications” and only 100-ish of those are available to Australian BlackBerry App World users (none of which are paid applications and virtually none of which are themes!)… Yep, Research in Motion (RIM) is doing a top-notch job right there.

    I’m not gonna lie, I think the iPhone sucks big time and refuse to buy it until such a time that it has a PHYSICAL keyboard and is not so restrictive on it’s app store (I don’t plan on buying an “iWobble” application anytime soon, but if I WANT to, I shouldn’t have my device’s manufacturer stopping me from doing so!) – seeing as neither of these things are likely to happen anytime soon, I’ll stick with my BlackBerry for now…

    RIM, start making paid applications available to Australians and maybe then I’ll think BlackBerry App World is actually WORTH downloading!

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