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Possible BlackBerry BIS Delays or Outage? Let Us Know!

maninthedarkSince yesterday we have been getting messages and tips from readers that they are having BIS issues and possible data outages. I have been waiting for one of our sources to confirm but I have not heard anything back yet. Larry pointed out to me that users have been posting about AT&T and Rogers issues today. People have also been reporting that they have been getting messages in bursts or only over Wi-Fi when they get home.

Even Luc way down in Brazil is having sporadic issues all day. I really have not been experiencing any issues other that AT&T’s usual slowness but I wanted to just put the question out there and see what we hear back!

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  1. No BIS problems in San Antonio, TX. VZW….

  2. None in Dallas in T-Mo

  3. In NY area, BIS is working fine on at&t…

  4. Everything has been A-OK here in Iowa on USC.

  5. Problem started Saturday, that night ATT said it was my corporate server fault. Called ATT back on Sunday and they said BlackBerry is having a major outage but it doesn’t affect all (my wife’s was working). No ETR and she also noted that BlackBerry wasn’t doing the usual in notifying everyone!

    • In London, stopped receiving e-mails on Saturday except when at home and on wifi. Called AT&T Sunday, thinking that it was caused by Kindle for BB install corrupting one of the settings. They said that there was a major outage, but she didn’t know the scope of it.

      Just tested without wifi connection this morning and it seems to be working ok at least at the moment.

    • I am in South Florida and have been dealing with this since Sunday morning. Blackberry claims they do not have a problem but ATT claims it a Blackberry issue–cannot access Edge–will someone please fix this–it is paralyzing my business!!

  6. At Venezuela too, same as Jim… Since Saturday morning just work with wifi I try this morning and it seems to be working fine.

  7. BIS was down for me for over 2 days starting 2/19/10 2 pm et. I could tether and use media net, but no bb services at all. Service restored at 2/21/10 8 pm et. AT&T told me it impacted the bold, which I have. This was down for me in georgia, florida and mississippi.

  8. For the past few days I have been getting complaints about email delays. We have a couple hundred BES users of which I am one. Mail to my blackberry since I started formal tests is not delayed. Tests sent from outside arrive within a minute or two.

    Another user 10 feet away from me on the same server with the same model and it policy has messages delayed 25 minutes. Then after more testing they arrive at him within a minute or two.

    I have anecdotal complaints from field people starting last Thursday. I haven’t nailed it down yet except to know that it is delivered to the exchange mailbox quickly.

    Our Carrier is Bell Canada

    I haven’t called them yet because I can’t say anything else except “A lot of users are complaining about delays” When I run tests, they (usually) deliver quickly.

  9. Phoenix AZ over AT&T – 3G working fine and allowing Media Net, but no internet over BIS since Sat am or earler. Getting messages only when connected through WiFi. On phone with AT&T for 1 hour, everything checks OK w/phone & service, says major BB outage but not affecting everyone. CrackBerry forum post has RIM phone # you can call to get individual situation corrected, but haven’t tried it.

  10. UPDATE – Working OK as of Monday am. BIS was down entire weekend but can now access again w/o WiFi.

  11. Browser was not working on my verizon BB. It was out from sat night to monday morning. I was told it is a BB server issue. Things just got ok.

  12. This has to be the weirdest most inconsistent outage RIM has ever had…

  13. Beginning Saturday, BIS and BES would not work on my Blackberry when connected via the mobile network. Direct TCP/IP would work though. BIS and BES worked when connected via WiFi. Talked with RIM last night. They acknowledged that a problem is going on, but that the problem does not affect everyone. They have no universal solution when I talked with them. However, they are able to fix devices on an individual basis. RIM was able to resolve my problem by resetting my Blackberry PIN in their relay and by me hard resetting my Blackberry. In other words, RIM removed my PIN from their servers and reactivated it as if it were a new device. As of now, everything works again.

  14. Sooo glad you posted this. I thought I was the only one. I’m in Los Angeles, CA on T-Mobile and started having problems Friday afternoon on my 8900. No data was transmitting but text messages & calls were going through fine. Called T-Mo around 4pm Fri. and they said there were no known issues. Data would sporadically come on and was out for most of Friday and Saturday. Tried reregistering my Host Router Tables & still no luck. Thought it was my OS (v.5.0.411) so I upgraded to the new 5.0.461 yesterday afternoon and after that all seemed ok. Thanx for letting me know my BB wasn’t going bonkers all by itself. lol

  15. I’m with AT&T in the Los Angeles area and started noticing these issues on Saturday. It has been affecting email delivery, BB IM, and apps.

  16. Having delays in Oshawa, Canada.

  17. delays in Toronto, Ontario on Rogers network. Can’t access email services, but can still send PINs and BB Messenger (although delayed)

  18. There was an outage, spoke to at&t rep who stated RIM issued a statement to them that begining Friday, 02/19/10 there have been outages effecting 10% of ALL blackberry users across all plans. Mine was out from friday till late sunday evening, with no data/internet usage being allowed except wifi altho once a day a burst of messages including fb alerts, BBMs and emails would come through. Back to normal finally, for now at least

    • Also had no inbound email, BBM did not work, nor could I use mobile browser this morning through early afternoon. However, SMS and phone worked, AND could send outbound email.

      Finally resolved itself approx 3pm EST. Not sure why or how.

      Curve 8900 on Rogers, in Toronto, Canada.

      • Apparently the toolbags at RIM onlyy take about 3 days to fix random outages so that explains getting service back unexpectedly w/o having to reboot or anything when the person next to you has had a fully functing psychoberry the whole time

  19. I have had off and on issues with gmail this morning, only to find out I had emails by going to the website.

  20. I had an issue with my blackberry starting on Saturday Night and through Sunday morning. I ended up going to the AT&T store where they removed my data plan and put it back. Basically re provisioning it which ended up correcting it right away. Just days before I had issues with my visual voicemail which I think was an AT&T issue. They ended up re provisioning that too to make it work.

  21. i haven’t been able to access the web on my sprint blackberry curve 8330 in duncanville, tx or the Dallas area

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