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How far would you go to show your love for BlackBerry ?

One of our friends over at BlackBerry Motion has shown her true feelings publicly displayed in the form of a BlackBerry symbol tattoo. Monica has taken the standard BlackBerry symbol, added some blood and a ring of barbed wire and had the whole design inked permanently to her body.

Now, I don’t know if I would go this far as to permanently brand myself with a corporate logo but it does raise a question. How far would you go to show your love for BlackBerry ? Drop a comment below and let us know. (And if you already have done something like this, drop us the pictures at and we will look at featuring your effort in future articles)

Thanks for the pictures Monica and if any of our readers would like to drop your comments of support to her, you can check out her original article here:

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  1. I would never buy an iPhonie

  2. I just been waiting for a contest to win a new BB to do it. I’ve had it picked out for a while.

  3. Thanks Greg for asking if I would like this done. I would like to mention, because it was brought to my attention that the first two sets of dots are not properly lined up. They should have been in line with the second and third BB dots, not first and second. I go back in on Monday to have this fixed.
    While some love it, some like it, some hate it… it was a decision that was made on my own and not for the purpose of winning anything. I have been devoted to BB’s for almost ten years and will continue to be devoted to them for years to come.
    I could never switch to another device, even on the more trying days such as outages.

  4. Wow Monica…your love toward BB is totally unquestionable… 🙂

  5. Monica as I said via the messenger I Love It! The BlackBerry paw print logo is cool and you’ve added your unique touch. Don’t know about winning a competition, Rim should give you a lifetime free BIS account!!
    Oh and for those who don’t like it, there’s always a life? Lol

  6. Why is the logo upside down…?

  7. Its not upside down, whats wrong is that the first set of dots should be lined up with the first and second in the next row, not the second and third. I am going in to get it fixed tomorrow.

  8. People have been doing it since the beginning of time, it’s not for everyone. It’s just like putting a bumper sticker on ones car. Others show their appreciation with Ink: awesome art, names of Loved ones, Wars ( all Past & Present ), Clubs, some take it a bit far & cover the whole body but to each his own. Doctors, Lawyers, Congressmen, Law Enforcement Professionals, USMC & other branches of service ( men & women ), One never knows who has them.
    Go for it, use temporary ink first to make sure it’s correct & you like it then have it done @ a Safe Shop.

    Sleep is over rated
    I’ll Sleep when I dead

  9. I’m sorry to say this but I have been a tattoo artist for last 22 years and you can’t fix that. You can get it covered up but not fixed. Even at covering it up it very dark.

  10. I have some tattoo’s as well… its different, not a fan of the ever so popular barbed wire but its not on me.

  11. I’m die hard BlackBerry. I make my living in this industry and I can’t say I wouldn’t get a BlackBerry Tat but I sure as heck wouldn’t allow myself to get hacked on by just anybody. No offense to the artist but this looks tacky and cheap. I’d have to agree with Ralph good luck with the cover up my guess is you will have to live with it or have it turned into something else. Better do more homework next time

  12. I’ve totally been meaning to get the BlackBerry logo tatted somewhere, I haven’t decided where yet. I want it on my upper neck like fusing into my spinal cord… But it could look trashy… Maybe the inside of my wrist

  13. Always wanted to get a tat until 2 yrs ago when a 27 y.o. male got one on his back. It became infected and the infection got into his spinal column. He died ~2 wks later. This is not urban legend as my wife was one of the ICU nurses tending to him.

  14. That tat does not deserve to be on such a nice rack.

  15. I think he was reacting to the tattoo infection story

  16. I’m a tatoo artist for the past 25 years and this tatoo on the picture is not a real tatoo. Period

  17. Uh excuse me but it most certainly is…took about 45 to do, after drawing it up. Again, dont believe me come look for yourself I have nothing to hide. Need more upclose pics to prove its not ink…then ask.

  18. Monica,
    Are you worried about a Trademark infringement lawsuit? 🙂

  19. Not worrying about that at all considering that fact that I am not the first to do it. RIM employees have my contact info, a few are on my BBM and got the pictures right away. If they need to they can contact me personally.

  20. Bal, that’s not even how you spell tattoo, are you kidding? Of course that’s a real tattoo. And yes I was refering to the infection. That person was speaking out of his ass, you can’t get an infection in your spinal column from a tattoo, that’s just dumb.And again, for the record, he will not be able to fix that, maybe cover it up, but not fix. And even at covering it up, its very dark. It may not look right. By the way, I don’t mean to be mean but the tattoo it self is a tad off. It wasn’t colored in properly. No disrespect

  21. Thanks for the correction Ralph!
    The patient actually had MRSA ( and it eventually infiltrated his blood, not his spinal column. If ti weren’t for privacy laws and confidentiality I’d send you a link to his obituary.

  22. I’m sorry but I still don’t see what this has to do with a tattoo? I mean according to the link you posted this is very common. You can catch it anywhere including hospitals, restrooms etc…

  23. Ralph is trying to be nice, what he means is it looks like shit #FAIL

  24. I still don’t get what that has to do with tattoos.. Are you stating that people can get skin diseases? Sure, absolutely. You can catch anything from anywhere.

  25. Ok so I do have to agree that it looks upside down IMO…… But I believe the quality or accuracy of the tat are not what this post was about….

    Some of you people really need to get a life….. I am a huge fan of ink and have plenty…. This girl has made a real statement with h

  26. Ok so I do have to agree that its upside down ….. But I really think you are all missing the point of this post….. I don’t think it was intended to slam the piece or to make Monica upset…. It was a question of whether or not you would do something like this?

    Personally I love it… I am a huge fan of ink and have plenty…. I however would not get a corporate logo of band logo…. Never know what will happen in the future….. You could end up hating what the logo stands for…

    But really all that matters is that she likes it and is happy. I would. However like to see how your artist is going to fix it? I don’t see how that’s possible.

    Anyways… You got jam sweetie.

  27. I guess the dude should have listened to his tattoo artist and kept the thing clean. Either way I am calling BULLS**T ON THIS ONE

  28. Tattoo touch up tomorrow afternoon, it IS able to be fixed despite what some have said…when all is said and done it will not be a fail and will look even more sick than at the start.
    As far as branding goes, I have no problem with the tattoo I chose. Those that dont like it, remember that its not YOUR body. You dont have to live with it. Those that can appreciate and understand the art of “ink” thank you.
    BTW, I did not go to just “some random” tattoo parlor either.

  29. I personally would like to seethe finished art.
    Ink is art, some is beautifully done, then those that get jail house style.
    You are very correct to say that it is your body but you forgot to add one more comment.
    If you don’t like it then don’t look at it.
    Ink shows ones own love of whatever it might be.
    Love your Ink, I want to see more!
    Have a Great Day!

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