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Documentation for BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express 5.0.1 Released

BES-expressI have been hearing quite a few questions from readers about what exactly would be included in BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express. Thankfully JohnnyB let me know that RIM has finally released and published the documentation for BES Express 5.0.1 at this link. He also let me know that RIM will probably be calling the full BES solution BES Premium.

So far RIM has put up the:

The main thing I noticed is that RIM finally spelled out the 35 IT Policy controls you can enforce with BES Express compared to the 450 you can do with BES 5.0. You can find them listed after the jump.

The 35 IT Policies provided in BES Express are:

  • Common policy group
    • Disable MMS IT policy rule
  • Device Only Items
    • Allow SMS IT policy rule
    • Maximum Password Age IT policy rule
    • Maximum Security Timeout IT policy rule
    • Minimum Password Length IT policy rule
    • Password Pattern Checks IT policy rule
    • Password Required IT policy rule
    • User Can Change Timeout IT policy rule
    • User Can Disable Password IT policy rule
  • Bluetooth policy group
    • Disable Bluetooth IT policy rule
  • Camera policy group
    • Disable Photo Camera IT policy rule
    • Disable Video Camera IT policy rule
  • Email Messaging policy group
    • Confirm External Image Download IT policy rule
    • Disable Manual Download of External Images IT policy rule
    • Disable Rich Content Email IT policy rule
    • Maximum Native Attachment MTH attachment size IT policy rule
    • Maximum Native Attachment MFH attachment size IT policy rule
    • Maximum Native Attachment MFH total attachment size IT policy rule
  • Password policy group
    • Forbidden Passwords IT policy rule
    • Maximum Password History IT policy rule
    • Set Maximum Password Attempts IT policy rule
    • Set Password Timeout IT policy rule
    • Suppress Password Echo IT policy rule
  • PIM Synchronization policy group
    • Disable SMS Messages Wireless Sync IT policy rule
  • Security policy group
    • Content Protection Strength IT policy rule
    • Disable External Memory IT policy rule
    • Disable IP Modem IT policy rule
    • Disallow Third Party Application Downloads IT policy rule
    • Encryption on On-Board Device Memory Media Files IT policy rule
    • External File System Encryption Level IT policy rule
    • Force Lock When Holstered IT policy rule
    • Required Password Pattern IT policy rule
  • S/MIME Application policy group
    • S/MIME Allowed Content Ciphers IT policy rule
    • S/MIME Force Encrypted Messages IT policy rule
  • Wi-Fi policy group
    • Disable Wi-Fi IT policy rule
  • Wireless Software Upgrades policy group
    • Disallow Patch Download Over WAN IT policy rule
  • Wired Software Updates policy group
    • Allow Web-Based Software Loading IT policy rule
    • Cryptographic Services Backup IT policy rule
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  1. Interesting…the Installation/Configuation guide is dated 1/20. In it, the minimum hardware requirements to run it on SBS 2008 is to add 1.5GB. Microsoft wants a minimum of 4GB of RAM for SBS 2008 Standard/Premium, so you will need ~6GB at a minimum if you plan to adhere to what is recommended.

    Also, upgrading from BES (any version) or BPS is unsupported :(. As you cannot run BES Express in the same domain as BES/BPS, migrations to BES Express are not looking fun at all :/

  2. Thanks for this post ronen this is a big help!

  3. Any news max number of users, will it be 30 like BPS? also i presume the licences situation still applies with one free and the rest need to be purchased?

    • I think the licenses will be maxed out at 75 on the same server as your exchange server and 2000 on a dedicated box. From what I can tell the CAL user licenses are now free so you will not need to purchase anything… If you ask in the forums I will have one of our BES gurus answer.

  4. A little bird told me this will be available for download in less than a week! I’m quite excited, as this will be free software with no CALs that works with BIS accounts, and offers many of the same features as BES. It’s about time RIM did something about all the complaints from the SMB market!

  5. I’ve got BES Express now, with just one (mine) handheld connected (I alraedy have the BES data plan, so I haven’t tried BIS only yet). Of the IT Policies listed above, one that appears to be missing is the “Disable Organizer Data Access for Social Networking Applications” policy needed for FaceBook contact/calendar integration that is discussed here:

    The article says this can be manually added to BES 4.1.X and BPS (I have done it for BPS before), but it is included in BES 5.0. BES Express is a watered-down BES 5.0.1, but this policy seems to be missing, and I cannot find a way to add it :/. Unless I am overlooking something, BES Express will break these advanced FaceBook features :(. I know it broke mine, and I can’t find a way to fix it…yet 😉

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