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YouMail App Updated to Version 0.97 With Much Needed Features

youmail-screenshot For those of you who are not subscribed to the YouMail mailing list you should know they have just updated their BlackBerry app to version 0.97. This new version promises some bit updates including better battery life along with a new look for certain screens and its own notification profile. Took them forever to add that one but I am glad its finally in there.

You can download the updated version from BlackBerry App World. The full change log is below:

YouMail Is Much Smarter

  • YouMail can now detect new voicemail WITHOUT needing TXT alerts or “polling”, leading to better battery life and no hassle with TXTs. Instead, YouMail reliably detects e-mail alerts going to your phone – just go to application settings, turn off “TXT alerts” and “polling”, and turn on e-mail alerts.
  • YouMail can now make sounds, flash the LED, and vibrate for new voicemails, just like you can for TXT, MMS, and E-mail messages. Check out your profile settings (may be called Sounds) and you’ll find a new YouMail option– we’re now completely integrated with the BlackBerry’s built-in Notification service.
  • YouMail now gives you more greeting control: you can control what YouMail does with “unknown callers”, “blocked callers”, and “smart greetings”.
    YouMail lets you try out our voice-to-text transcriptions with a single click from the application

YouMail Looks Much Better

  • We’ve made dates much easier to read – “today”, “yesterday”, “Mon 2/1”, etc.., and made it easy to see new messages by displaying the caller name in BOLD.
    We’ve completely redesigned the screen that plays messages – which should make them easier to play and read.

YouMail Connects Better And Boots Faster

  • We’ve reworked YouMail to handle network problems much more efficiently, which will especially impact those of you with spotty coverage or unreliable WiFi connections. There is now much less data traffic, more efficient and less frequent authentication, and smarter connection attempts.
  • We now ensure that voicemail audio files on SD-cards when the phone boots up – so you can now upgrade YouMail without worrying about old voicemails having to all be downloaded again.
  • We now handled some relatively rare cases that caused problems downloading voicemails. Some Blackberry phones redirected our audio requests through other services – and this now just works. Other Blackberry servers only allow small files to be transferred – if you have this problem, just go to “Storage “ and choose the “chunk audio” option).

YouMail Has Better Troubleshooting

  • We now provide user-friendly information about the network and authentication status of the application – easily accessible from the about screen.
    We’ve made it effortless for you to tell us if there’s problem – just click the “Send Log” button on the About screen, and it’ll create an e-mail telling us exactly what’s happened with your application. Just add a brief note about what you were doing, and we’ll be able to quickly diagnose any issue.
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  1. Sorry Youmail service I have given up on you guys, google voice does almost everything and transcribes for free. But it was fun while it lasted.

    • I agree I just wish Google Voice would let you port your number already… Then I would really start using it…

    • I have used both, and, IMO, the YouMail transcriptions are much more accurate and usable. I continue to use Google Voice, but I do not use the Google Voice app as it is a resource hog (including battery drain). I actually forward my Google Voice number (one of my 5 free) to my VZW cell phone — YouMail provides the voicemail and transcription for all my messages.

      BTW, this update is a phenomenal step forward for the YouMail Visual Voicemail Plus for BlackBerry app!

      • I Really Want To Use YouMail But I Really Don’t Like:

        1) The User Interface is ugly
        2) You Need To Set An Interval To “Pull” Voicemails (Same For GoogleVoice)

        ……How Do You “Forward” You Google Voice Number?

        • 1) It’s getting better with each version! 😉

          2) You can now disable the polling interval completely, and use SMS or e-mail notifications. Personally, I use e-mail (my account) for notifications as I am not an unlimited TXT subscriber. The BlackBerry e-mail account is “instant” (as opposed to other BIS accounts which are timer-based polling) — with v0.97, as soon as the e-mail arrives, the YouMail app downloads the voicemail and/or transcription and signals (ringtone and/or vibe) based upon Profile settings for YouMail.

          As far as forwarding Google Voice, you can one of the ringing numbers to be your BlackBerry from the Google Voice web interface. Aother option would be to forward your Google Voice notification e-mail to mailto:[10-digit-number] — YouMail will automatically process this as a message..

          • VERY HELPFUL BUT………..

            I’m The One That Messed Up On The Question! You see; I’m Using Fusion Voicemail+ It Has EVERYTHING That Other Visual Voicemail Sevices Have Except YouMails Custom Voicemail Greeting/Ditch Mail.

            What I Really Like About Fusion Voicemail+ Is That When Someone Calls You And The Systems (Voicemail) Is Activated Their SERVERS “PUSH” The Visual Voicemail To Your Fusion Voicemail+ BlackBerry App.

            And Now In Regards To Me Messing Up: When You Said “Forward” I Was Thinking Of “Forwarding” The Voicemail Not The Call Itself. The Reason I’m Trying To Do This With Google Voice It’s Because Fusion Voicemail+ Can PUSH Voicemail From 5 Different Sources.

            My Examples:
            1) My Carriers Voicemail Gets Pushed To Fusion Voicemail+
            2) My Office Voicemail Gets Pushed To Fusion Voicemail+
            3) My Home Voicemai Gets Pushed To Fusion Voicemail+
            4)*Trying To Find A Hack To Push My Google Voice To Fusion Voicemail+
            5)*I Don’t Have A 5th Source

            PS: It Doesn’t Get Cluttered Because Fussion Voicemail+ Organized From The Voicemail Source Number And The Person Who Left It…..Sorry For The Long Post People But I Hope It Helps Other People In Deciding Which App To Use!

          • How can you use your you mail e-mail address? Google voice wants to verify the e-mail address and youmail does not except e-mails only voicemails or mp3, etc.

          • @squally123: Set up a filter within your e-mail client to auto forward the incoming Google Voice notification to the address.

        • We’re working on improving the user interface – we also think it could look better. For what it’s worth, the original was modeled on the Blackberry e-mail program.

          This release took the first few steps, rearranging the message playing page, and handling dates appropriately. I think you will see the UI continue to improve, as well as some more really cool features.

          CEO, YouMail

  2. I have to disagree with Dominik. Google Voice is definitely more broad. But comparing the two at what they do, YouMail is better. First, the Google Voice app is virtually useless. But one thing that is big for me is that I like to put together all sorts of creative little mixes for custom greetings. Only YouMail allows you to upload an MP3 to use as a greeting. Google doesn’t even let you record direct with your mic like YouMail does. They make you use the phone. This point alone has made me remain a loyal YouMail customer.

    • +1. I even pay to get rid of the advertising.
      I only would like to see in a future upgrade the app to pull contact pics from your local address book or the ability to add your own on the youmail site.

      • You already can add your own on the YouMail website, but Address Book integration would be a good addition for those that you have not previously added a custom picture.

  3. Another thing:
    I think this upgrade spells the official “bye-bye” to VyMail. The audio notification was what was keeping that on my berry.
    Thank you Joe Krill for all your work.

  4. I’m having trouble downloading the .97 upgrade from my storm 9530. when i search for and find youmail in bb appworld, the result doesn’t have a download button – only reviews, recommend and screenshots. i can’t find a direct link elsewhere, so i’m at a loss for a way to download this update. anyone else have this issue? ideas/solutions?

    • App World invokes some “weirdness” at times during upgrades — I’ve seen this with several different apps. I suggest that you delete (i.e., uninstall) YouMail from within App World, reboot, and then reinstall. If you wind up with the previous version, App World should allow you to upgrade at that time…

  5. This isn’t new, Hullomail had the scanning email from day one since then they’ve moved to push … plus their UI is the slickest…

    They still don’t have transcription but I’d rather not have humans listening to my voicemails and typing them up thankyou if you don’t have human intervention then u just get rubbish results like GV.

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