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Google Proclaims it is Putting “Mobile First”

Google Logo I am not sure what to make of Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s proclamation that Google’s new mantra is “Mobile First.” According to eWeek Schmidt went on to describe how mobile phones are no longer called mobile phones and rather just phones. Users have adopted them and realized how much they can do with them. As a BlackBerry user that sounds about right.

Where Schmidt lost me is when he mentioned his belief that with the new Mobile First doctrine Google programmers will be doing work on mobile applications first. He says this is because mobile apps are better and more satisfying. I wonder if this means that Google will be making a huge push further into the mobile app space.

Honestly I am just hoping Google gets off their lazy… and creates a mobile app for Google Reader! What do you think?

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  1. Yes I agree about a mobile app for Google Reader. But maybe the upcoming webkit browser will eliminate the need for one.

  2. a mobile app for google reader might have me switch from Bloglines.
    I wish they would develop a picasa app too.

  3. Being the competitiveness of the markets today, you can’t blame Google for trying to expand its business into other markets. Search has taken Google to the level they’re at today, but what will keep them there tomorrow is what they’re trying to figure out. Kudos to Google!!

  4. There is an app called unread at that sync’s with Google Reader. Its actually not too bad. The developer is doing a lot of work with it.

  5. Honestly, what I’d like to see, is at least an OPTION, to get the old shortcuts back again. I know that bookmarks within the browser are (almost) as good, but after a mishap and an upgrade, and a second mishap, I lost access to those web shortcuts long ago.

    I’m absolutely amazed that no one anywhere on the web has a copy of those shortcuts posted to still be available for others to still download. I mean, they’d still work, right? And run on nearly any OS?

    On a semi-related note, I also lost and can no longer find anywhere, my favorite theme of all-time, called GMail 2 or something like that for the 8300/8800 models. Awesome, awesome theme to use with good-looking icons. Thinking maybe Google put the stops on it, but again, amazed I can’t find a posted copy of it anywhere any more.

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