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RIM Announces BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express…

BES-express RIM just put out their press release for BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express. After reading the whole release all I could think was “what a letdown!” In short RIM is just offering a free scaled down version of BlackBerry Enterprise server for small businesses and midsized companies who do not want to invest in a full blown BlackBerry Enterprise server. I really hope RIM has a consumer solution up their sleeve since this is just a cost effective watered down BES 5.0 corporate solution.

To summarize this new BES Express works with Exchange 2010, 2007, and 2003 running on Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2003 or 2008. It can also be installed on the same server as Exchange, on its own server, and it is also VMware ESX certified. It will provide most of the features in BES such as:

  • Wirelessly synchronize their email, calendar, contacts, notes and tasks
  • Manage email folders and search email on the mail server remotely
  • Book meetings and appointments, check availability and forward calendar attachments
  • Set an out-of-office reply
  • Edit Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files using Documents To Go
  • Access files stored on the company network
  • Use mobile applications to access business systems behind the firewall
  • Over 35 IT controls and policies, including the ability to remotely wipe a smartphone and enforce and reset passwords
  • A Web-based interface that allows remote administration and makes it easy to install the software, connect BlackBerry smartphones and apply usage policies

It will not include support for:

  • BlackBerry Mobile Voice System
  • BlackBerry Clients for Microsoft Office Communications Server and IBM Lotus Sametime
  • IBM Lotus Connections
  • IBM Lotus Quickr
  • Chalk Pushcast Software

In short this is just a more cost effective BES for SMB. Honestly I really hope this is only half of RIM’s announcement since they are in dire need of a solution for consumers…

You can read more about BES Express at

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  1. I think the hype and rumours have let us down not RIM, its put it on a pedesal, bring it back to basics and do the simple comparison.

    I dont say this is free from flaws, Like anything it will probably be ironed out over time with SP’s and MR’s. Yet it is still a step fwd in getting rid of BPS, thank goodness.

    My POV is taken from having to do this every single day, these are pro’s and by far con’s. (Above comment).

    Compare what BPS could not due and what BES EX can:

    Support Exchange 2010 – We have lost small customers because of this.

    Support 2008 OS – We have definately lost business because of this.

    Certified 75 User support on same server as Exchange, excellent, this fills the SME market that dont want extra hardware.

    If hardware can be seperate, 2000 users. – Excellent.
    As for Policies, we are already a custom to small quantity of Policies on BPS.

    So now the next step is to actually install to ascertain the install process and stability. BPS was bastardized out of 4.1 SBE, it has it issues, till to this day that have not been fixed.

  2. This honestly is exactly what I have been waiting for to replace my Small Business version of 4.1…with the upgrade to 5.0 it was stay on 4.1 or spend $1500..

    great move RIM (thank you)

  3. 1. There will be no escalation path to RIM for Support, reliant on either having T-Support, Service Support Agreements with Integrators or internal IT (Dont believe Carriers will have the skill level for support). Why – because of the cost to this option.

    2. BIS only users will have the option for Cabled based Enterprise Activations, wireless not supported. Still need to test this.

  4. Would’ve been great to see BlackBerry Unite! re-launched… THAT is one of the key additions Research in Motion (RIM) needs to make, except with a little more effort, so as to get the bugs out.

  5. Hi guys what are the 35 IT controls and policies of this new product of RIM? can you help me out please.. also if you can enumerate it.

  6. I keep waiting for someone to shout, “Gotcha!” If I am reading this right, current BPS users are about to get some long overdue upgrades. And the fact that CALs are included baffles me. The part I really don’t get is that this supposedly works with BIS data plans, so BPS users can downgrade their data plans and drop the ‘corporate’ plans (seems like the going rate is $10/month per line) and still use BES Express. I find all this hard to believe…

  7. No Domino Messaging Express support, so a no go for me.

  8. I can vouch for BIS only plan working on Express, in fact its a BIS Pre-paid. Other than having to be cabled to activate, all other functions are as per a BES enabled contract. BPS customers are definately in for a welcome change.

    • I use BPS myself, and have 3 customers I support on BPS, so this is still awesome, but if you look at the BlackBerry Comparison Chart (, it states that BES Express will work with “Any Internet enabled BlackBerry data plan plus free BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express software and CALs.” To me, this is saying BIS users can use BES Express, but that contradicts what I read in the newsletter I linked above, which says OTA updates requires a BES data plan.

      • Express will service full entperise functionality for BIS Enabled contracts, correct, this includes BIS Pre-Paid, BIS Contract (With Activation Limitation) and BES Contract. Keep in mind the Service Book that facilitates OTA Upgrades will more than likely not have a re-configuration like other services, so this will still be Carrier serviced for BIS Contracts and for BES Contracts this will be managable via BES/BES Express.

        The OTA functionality in our Express Install still needs to tested in this scenario where a BIS Contract is enabled, but the result will probably be negative.

  9. finally! this is great!

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