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BlackBerry WebKit Browser Demoed by Mike Lazaridis At MWC

RIM has really been working hard on their WebKit browser since they announced it at DevCon last year. They now have a working demo that Mike Lazaridis showed off today at MWC that has some serious speed and doesn’t choke on JavaScript and AJAX. It even scores a 100/100 on the ACID3 compliance test. This means we may have some web 2.0 applications soon! Right now RIM is still being coy saying that it will be released sometime this year.

Mobile video link

It will support:

  • HTML 5
  • CSS3
  • DOM L3

Along with support for both BlackBerry Widgets and JIL widgets. Sadly I still see two things I didn’t see in the demo. First of all I still don’t see any tabs which would be a shame if it launched without tabs. Second of all it looks like the browser still has the annoying functionality where the screen zooms into the middle of the screen instead of the area surrounding the pointer when you click…

Hopefully RIM will get this right before it launches! Good luck RIM!

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  1. “Demo’d”? You mean they showed a canned video… Which is very unimpressive.
    It actually says a lot when they are unable to do a “live” demo… i.e. 6-9mths before we see anything meanlingful?

  2. If it’s taken Research in Motion (RIM) this long to update their browser, it’d wanna be good… If not, it’ll likely be outdated by the time it’s released!

  3. Over a year since Research in Motion (RIM) purchased Torch and this is all they’ve got?

    Yes, it looks nice and it’s probably better than the current browser, but if it’s taken RIM over a year to PREVIEW their new browser, how long is it going to take before they RELEASE it?

  4. Dude…try your search button. The Torch acquisition was barely 6 months ago. And such a dramatic change takes a lot to develop and plan for rolling out. For OS 5 only or older OS’s too? Standalone (like Messenger is now) or wait for carrier OS rollouts? Major apps rely on the browser engine, will they break? Etc.

    It isn’t just as simple as buy Torch and push out a new browser. As embeded as the browser IS in the OS, this is HARD. Microsoft is HUGE compared to RIM and even two major releases later and the resources they can put into browser development and they STILL can’t get people off IE6 browser due to all the things that will break.

    Patience grasshopper…

    • Sorry, you are right – I just had a second look at my source of that claim ( and clearly I mis-read the date… By a long-shot.

      I still stand by what I said though – RIM is apparently one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world and is rolling in profit at the moment… If they want to stay ahead of the game, they need to work quicker on things like improved browsers.

      Just so you know, I’m one of the few people that is actually (mostly) happy with the current browser, but if people are so concerned about its performance and/or are considering other smartphone operating systems, possibly because of their gripes with the current browser, well RIM need to sort their s%$t out before they fall from grace!

  5. I too am mostly satisfied with the browser. Especially on sites like this that are optimized for BlackBerry. While I DO think it needs improving, BlackBerry does SO MANY things better than other platforms it would take FAR more than lack of a “the full web” browser for me to switch platforms. That in my mind would be throwing the baby out with the bath water and any one (in my opinion) that would jump ship from BlackBerry to iPhone or Android or S60 or WinMo or whatever isn’t looking at the WHOLE of the smartphone experience.

    From my BlackBerry Tour…

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