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BlackBerry Tour 9630 OS Officially Released by Sprint

I am always amazed by how late Verizon is to the OS update game. The latest release from Sprint brings OS for the BlackBerry Tour 9630. This is the same version that was seeded out through desktop manager before but now it is available to download as an installer.

Download @

If you do not know how to upgrade your BlackBerry OS please start by reading this great step by step guide that Luis wrote up. NOTE: Don’t forget to delete the vendor.xml file located in c:program files>common files>research in motion>apploader to install it on a different carriers device.

Please confirm in the comments if this works for you!

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  1. Could you please describe what you mean by downloading the installer? Will this be installed as a folder and we need to add it to be launched via Desktop Manager?

    • the installer will copy the needed files to the following location

      Program Files/Common Files/Research In Motion/Shared/Loader Files/

      Where the DM will detect it.

      If you are not a Sprint customer you will need to delete the following file

      Program Files/Common Files/Research In Motion/AppLoader/vendor.xml and possibly disconnect from the Internet

  2. They mean that you just download it from the RIM site as you regularly would. You have nothing special to do with this.

  3. Anyone downloaded it yet? Anything different?

  4. i did about a week ago nothing new (been running 5.0 for few months)

  5. I downloaded and installed, upgrade for 4.7.?? to .. It works fine. Browser does noticeably run better. Redbox site can be viewed now, couldn’t before. Couple apps required updated after installed OS, such as Facebook, YahooIM, BB App… DOC, PDF stuff required reactivate. But overall, new OS works just fine. Existing apps ran fine.

    On Media player, video/audio the volume bar appears more prominent in middle of screen when you turn up or down, which is nice.

    Haven’t noticed anything else different.

  6. These issues could very well be isolated to just me, but I ran into all sorts of problems since my upgrade to My phone no longer locks upon holstering, even though I have disabled/re-enabled this setting, and tried battery pulls. When I press the K key (which used to lock the keyboard), nothing happens. My other Home Screen shortcuts work, but not that one. When I press the Lock button, it locks, but it’s a different lock than what I am used to. Before I had to press *+phone button to unlock the keyboard, now I have to press the Lock key on top. I’m so used to hitting *+phone when I pull my phone from the holster that now I keep calling people by accident due to the fact that the keyboard is not auto-locking.

    I’ve also found that my phone is randomly restarting (I only noticed because I see the BlackBerry registration messages) once or twice a day, although I have 70+MB of memory free.

    My last issue is that when I go to compose a text message, 50% of the time my message will be preloaded with a message I had previously sent to the recipient. For instance, if I SMS my sister “Hey, wanna grab a burger” today, and I try to compose a new SMS to her tomorrow, instead of a blank message, I see “Hey, wanna grab a burger” in the textbox, ready for me to send again. I have to highlight and delete that text to send something new…

    Am I the only one with these issues?

  7. Every since updating my sprint blackberry tour to My bluetooth in my 2008 M Benz E63 has been really bad. My motorola H710 bluetooth headset works really bad also. I hooked up my wifes tour with old software and it works perfect. Anyone else having this problem? I hope they get this fixed asap. I use bluetooth all the time…

  8. I lost my browser after doing this update on my BB Tour. Please help!

    • Assuming you are not on a BES, the only Browser you will have is the BIS Browser. For this to work, I believe you need the ‘Blackberr Internet Service Browsing Service’ Service Book, and if you don’t have it, you should be able to get it back by going to Options, Advanced Options, Host Routing Table, click the BlackBerry button, and hit Register Now.

      If that doesn’t work, you will likely need to call Sprint and ask them to resend Service Books to your handheld.

      • That’s ‘Blackberry Internet Service Browsing Service’, I missed a key. On a side note, it’s kinda funny how the service book is spelled Blackberry and not BlackBerry, considering how anal they are about how you use the term BlackBerry…

      • Thanks Derek! I tried this and the message states:
        Registration message queued. It will be sent once data coverage is available. Now what? Any ideas? Thanks for your help!!

  9. i’m so frustrated right now. i had a blackberry curve – the screen cracked. the sales person at the sprint store talked me into paying for a new tour which was not much more money vs. getting the curve fixed.

    the tour has given me so many issues!

    i drop EVERY call i make – i never dropped calls on my curve.

    then yesterday it said i had an upgrade. i started the upgrade on my phone – followed instructions and 4 hours later it said i had to start over, and that my phone would be out of use for 2 hours – not even for emergency calls.

    i waited until bed time and i started the install. at 2am it chimed and said that i needed to restart again. and at this point: all of my contacts were gone.

    i restarted again.

    from 5 to 7 am it said that the download was 100% complete. i thought perhaps it froze so i took out the battery.

    it started the install back at 0%.

    so i’ve been very patient (its now nearly 4pm) and now it just has a white screen with a small clock rotating.

    what can i do? what does this mean? i really wish i’d have kept my curve and held out for a different phone.

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