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Verizon No Longer Selling BlackBerry Curve 8330?

bb_8530_black Steve tipped us off that Verizon is now longer offering the BlackBerry Curve 8330 on their website for sale. This is an odd move since the 83XX Curve is still the most popular smartphone worldwide. The crazy part is that Verizon is still selling the BlackBerry 8703e.

Maybe the BlackBerry Curve 8530 truly was meant to replace the 8330. I thought Verizon would just keep both around…

Notice the lack of a BlackBerry Curve 8330 on Verizon’s Website at this link.

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  1. No surprise really. 3 year old design so might as well dump it.

    Yeah…8703…well, it’s the last of the thumbwheelers, and there are still many fans of the “traditional” BlackBerry experience it represents.

  2. The image for this post should at least depict the correct Curve 8330. The current image is of the newer trackpad curve (8530), not the trackball curve (8330). It can leave some people confused.

  3. I still find my 8330 so useful as to find little reason to upgrade but it is becoming dated. It would be nice to dispense with the trackball but I have become an expert at cleaning them and replacements are cheap. The only things that have me thinking of upgrading are:

    Better browser, although the dinky little builtin browser gets 85% of what I need. Opera and Bolt are not worth the bloaty hourglass time.

    A good PC remote control solution. I tried VNC and RDM but they’re so cumbersome (is there a more cumbersomey word than “cumbersome”? if there is then that’s what they are.)

    A faster/better PDF experience.

    The fancy “Ipody” stuff with games and accelerometers are nice too but not enticing enough to spend money on yet. I still hear about too many headaches with the Storm 1 nd 2. I would also need a real keyboard.

    It would also be nice to have a phone I didn’t need to pry open every month or so to clean out the dust and pocket

    BTW, disregard if you see this same text elsewhere. I posted this under the wrong article earlier.

  4. Sounds like the Tour2 9650 will be the phone for you…

  5. I was in the store yesterday and the sales rep offered a customer “anoher one of those” (pink 8330) for $10

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